3rd Division (South Vietnam)

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3rd Division
ARVN 3rd Infantry Division SSI.svg
3rd Division SSI
Active October 1971 – 1975
Country South Vietnam South Vietnam
Branch Flag of the South Vietnamese Army.jpg Army of the Republic of Vietnam
Role Infantry
Part of I Corps
Garrison/HQ Da Nang

Vietnam War

Division flag Flag of the ARVN 3rd Infantry Division.svg

The 3rd Division of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)—the army of the nation state of South Vietnam that existed from 1955 to 1975—was part of the I Corps that oversaw the northernmost region of South Vietnam, the centre of Vietnam.

The Division was initially raised in October 1971 in Quảng Tri and composed of 2nd Inf Rgt (from 1st Division), 56th Inf Rgt and 57th Inf Rgt.

Collapsed in 1972 during the Easter Offensive, was reconstituted and finally destroyed at Da Nang in 1975 during the Hue-Da Nang Campaign.[1]


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