3rd Infantry Battalion (Ireland)

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3 Infantry Battalion
Irish 3rd Battalion.gif
Shoulder flash of the 3rd Infantry Battalion
Active1 October 1924
RoleLight Role
Part ofInfantry Corps
Garrison/HQStephens Barracks, Kilkenny
Nickname(s)The Bloods
Motto(s)Dilis go Bráth
Members of the 3rd Infantry Battalion man a Mowag Piranha at the 2006 Easter parade Dublin.

The 3rd Infantry Battalion (3 Inf Bn) is a unit of the Irish Army infantry corps. The battalion traces its history back to 1923, when the garrisons of several towns in the north-west of Ireland (the province of Ulster) were ordered to amalgamate and form the 3rd Infantry Battalion.[citation needed] The 3rd Battalion was one of five Battalions in the army at the start of the Emergency, when it was moved into the newly formed 5th Brigade, along with the 16th and 25th Infantry Battalions. During the Emergency it was responsible for defending the southeast of the country from possible invasion and regularly carried out training exercises.

In 1998, the 30th Infantry Battalion was amalgamated into the 3rd Infantry Battalion. Personnel from the battalion have seen service all over the world as part of Irish peacekeeping contingents, both within and outside the structure of the United Nations. Today, the battalion forms part of 1st Brigade, contributing soldiers not only for the defence and security of the Republic of Ireland, but also for deployment overseas. In 2006 the battalion contributed to the formation of the 95th Infantry Battalion, made up of personnel from the then 1st Southern Brigade, which deployed as part of the UNMIL mission to Liberia. The battalion is stationed at Stephens Barracks in Kilkenny.

The battalion has served in various UN missions in trouble spots abroad including Congo, Lebanon, Liberia and Cyprus.[1]

Prior to the re-organisation in 2012, B Company was stationed separately from the rest of the battalion, and served as the training unit for the Mowag Piranha APC, part of the Defence Forces Training Centre. Subsequently, this was split and renamed as the 1st Mechanised Infantry Company.