3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry

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3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry, 60th regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
The photographic history of the Civil War - thousands of scenes photographed 1861-65, with text by many special authorities (1911) (14576212260).jpgThe photographic history of the Civil War - thousands of scenes photographed 1861-65, with text by many special authorities (1911) (14759734201).jpg
Company D, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
ActiveJuly 18, 1861 to August 15, 1865
CountryUnited States
EngagementsBattle of Manassas
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Williamsburg
Tullahoma Campaign
Battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Kelly's Ford
Battle of Gettysburg
Siege of Petersburg
(incomplete list)

The 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (also known as the 60th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers or Young's Kentucky Light Cavalry) was a cavalry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

The unit was recruited by Colonel William H. Young at Philadelphia during July and August 1861. Company A was formed around a local independent cavalry company, the Merchants' Troop of Philadelphia. As companies were formed, they were immediately sent to Camp Park in Washington, DC, for outfitting and training. Among those who assisted in their training was Lieutenant George A. Custer. The regiment was initially named the Kentucky Light Cavalry in an effort to influence citizens of that border state to remain in the Union. Although the first Pennsylvania cavalry unit formed in response to President Lincoln's call for volunteers, this initial designation caused it to lose its numbering priority to regiments formed later.[1]

The regiment served in the Army of the Potomac through the rest of the Civil War, losing a total of 169 men. It became part of the 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry May 8, 1865.[2]

A monument recognizing the unit's role in stopping forces under Major General J. E. B Stuart from assaulting the rear of the Union lines on Cemetery Ridge on July 3, 1863 stands east of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at the East Cavalry Battlefield.[3]


  • William H. Young Recruited Kentucky Light Cavalry regiment.
  • William W. Averell Commanded from August 23, 1861 to September 26, 1862.
  • John B. McIntosh Commanded from September 26, 1862 to July 21, 1864.
  • Edward S. Jones Commanded from July 21, 1864 until mustered out, August 24, 1864.
  • James W. Walsh Commanded reorganized 'Veteran Battalion'- those who reenlisted after expiration of three years service- from August 24, 1864.

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