400 Boys

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400 Boys
Directed by Alastair Paton
Produced by Bill Chamberlain
Alastair Paton
Executive producers:
Ricky Tong
Written by Alastair Paton
Starring Jodelle Ferland
Li Bingbing
Maria Valverde
Charlie Rowe
Music by Daniel Heath
Cinematography Samy Inayeh
Blonde Films
ACE Studios
Reliance Mediaworks
Parallel Entertainment Pictures
Country Canada
Language English
Budget $26 million[1]

400 Boys is a Canadian/Chinese action-fantasy thriller film[2] directed, written and produced by Alastair Paton and starring Jodelle Ferland, Li Bingbing, Maria Valverde and Charlie Rowe.[3]


400 Boys is a futuristic, dystopian drama where life expectancy has been radically altered. The government is corrupt and ruthless, and the characters are pitched in an ongoing battle for survival.



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