40th Group Army

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40th Group Army
Country China
Garrison/HQ Jinzhou, Liaoning
Zhang Xuefeng (张学锋)
Han Xianchu

The 40th Group Army is a military formation of the People's Liberation Army. It is located in the Shenyang Military Region.[1]


Korean War[edit]

During the Korean War, the 40th Army was part of the People's Volunteer Army. It was composed of the 118th, 119th, and 120th Divisions.[2]

In the morning of Oct. 25, the 118th Division of the 40th Army ambushed the 3rd Infantry Battalion of ROK 6th Division, destroying the ROK unit as an organized force.[3]

The 40th Army attacked the 9th and 38th Infantries of the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division about eighteen miles northeast of Kunu-ri along the Chongchon River.[4]

Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989[edit]

In May 1989, the 40th Army’s 118th Infantry Division and Artillery Brigade were deployed to Beijing to enforce martial law and suppress the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.[5]