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Bülent Ecevit

The 40th government of Turkey (21 June 1977 – 21 July 1977) was a short term (one month) government that governed Turkey in 1977. It was a minority government of Republican People's Party (CHP) led by Bülent Ecevit.

The elections[edit]

In the elections held on 5 June 1977, CHP received 41% (highest percentage CHP ever reached after 1950) of the vote and became the first party.[1] However, in the parliament, CHP gained only 213 seats out of 450. Other parties were reluctant to form a coalition with CHP. However, Ecevit, confident of his prestige, tried a minority government.

The government[edit]

Title[2][3] Name Party
Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit CHP
Deputy Prime Minister Orhan Eyüboğlu CHP
Minister of State
Turan Güneş CHP
Lütfi Doğan CHP
Kenan Bulutoğlu CHP
Ministry of Justice Selçuk Erverdi CHP
Ministry of National Defense Hasan Esat Işık CHP
Ministry of the Interior Necdet Uğur CHP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gündüz Ökçün CHP
Ministry of Finance Besim Üstünel CHP
Ministry of National Education Mustafa Üstündağ CHP
Ministry of Public Works Abdülkerim Zilan CHP
Ministry of Commerce Ziya Müezzinoğlu CHP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Celal Ertuğ CHP
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Mehmet Can CHP
Ministry of Food Agriculture and Husbandry Fikret Gündoğan CHP
Ministry of Transport Erol Çevikçe CHP
Ministry of Labour Bahir Ersoy CHP
Ministry of Social Security Hayrettin Uysal CHP
Ministry of Industry Tarhan Erdem CHP
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Altan Öymen CHP
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Erol Tuncer CHP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Neşet Akmandor CHP
Ministry of Village Affairs and Cooperatives Ali Topuz CHP
Ministry of Forestry Vecdi İlhan CHP
Ministry of Youth and Sports Yüksel Çakmur CHP


In the voting on 21 July, the government lost a vote of confidence (217 vs 229).


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Preceded by
39th government of Turkey
(Süleyman Demirel)
40th Government of Turkey
21 June 1977 – 21 July 1977
Succeeded by
41st government of Turkey
(Süleyman Demirel)