41st Armoured Regiment (India)

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41st Armoured Regiment
Active 1918-1921, 1980 – present
Country British Raj Indian Empire 1918-1921
India India 1980-Present
Allegiance India
Branch Indian Army
Type Armour
Size Regiment
Motto(s) Shauryameva jayate (Valour triumphs)

41st Armoured Regiment, is an armoured regiment which is part of the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army. [1] The regiment was raised as an all-class regiment on 1 July 1980 by Lt Col J.P. Singh at Ahmednagar. The first Colonel of 41st Armoured Regiment was Maj Gen S. Krishnamurthy, AVSM. It was initially equipped with Vijayanta tanks, but was re-equipped with T-72 tanks in 1997.[1] The regiment was declared fit for war service in February 1981.[2]

The regiment celebrated its silver jubilee in 2006.[2] To commemorate the special day, a "Sainik Sammelan" (soldier's gathering), was organised. The founder of the Regiment, Brigadier J.P. Singh (retired), also graced the occasion. A number of ex-servicemen participated in the celebrations.

Cap badge[edit]

The initial cap badge consisted of a pair of crossed lances with pennons. The numeral "41" was placed at the crossing and the a scroll with the words "ARMD REGT" placed below the crossing. The cap badge was later changed by replacing the scroll with one that had the motto "Shauryameva jayate" in Devanagari script.[1]

41st Cavalry Regiment[edit]

During World War I, a regiment named the 41st Cavalry Regiment was raised at Baleli by Maj John Hope Hallows of 15th Lancers (Cureton's Multanis), however besides the Commandant, no other officer was posted till 17 July 1918 when the regiment became active. In August 1918, two squadrons of the newly formed regiment was sent to patrol the East Persia Cordon.

41st Cavalry Regiment was raised from a squadron from Hallow's own regiment, Cureton's Multanis, and one squadron each from the 26th King George's Own Light Cavalry, 37th Lancers (Baluch Horse) and from the 39th Central India Horse. The ethnic composition was as follows:-[1]

  • Pathans - one squadron.
  • Sikhs - one squadron.
  • Derajat Muslims - one squadron.
  • Punjabi and Rajput Muslims - half squadron each.

The cap badge of the 41st Cavalry Regiment was in silver and consisted of the letter "C" in the shape of a horse-shoe with the numeral "41" within. The shoulder title was a numeral "41" atop the word "CAVALRY" curved concavely. The regiment was disbanded shortly afterwards in 1921.[1]


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