42 Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron

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42 Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron (Dutch: 42 Brigade Verkennings Eskadron, 42 BVE) is one of the four ground-based reconnaissance troops (42 BVE, 43 BVE, 103 GGVE, 104 GGVE) in the Royal Netherlands Army. They are part of the 13th Mechanised Brigade which is stationed in Oirschot, Noord-Brabant.


42 BVE consists of three reconnaissance platoons, a staff platoon and a logistics platoon. The reconnaissance platoons have the task to infiltrate enemy territory to find enemy units and infrastructure to provide their commander with intelligence on enemy actions.


42 BVE was earmarked to participate as a mechanised infantry company in Uruzgan with the ISAF mission in 2007. In July 2006 the unit has converted from its original function (reconnaissance) to its ISAF function (infantry). When the unit returns from this mission it will be converted into a light reconnaissance troop equipped with the Fennek, a brand new reconnaissance vehicle.