44th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

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The 44th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island was in session from March 2, 1940, to August 20, 1943. The Liberal Party led by Thane Campbell formed the government. John Walter Jones became premier and party leader in May 1943 after Campbell accepted an appointment as a judge.

Walter F. Alan Stewart was elected speaker.

There were four sessions of the 44th General Assembly:

Session Start End
1st March 20, 1940 May 2, 1940
2nd March 24, 1941 April 10, 1941
3rd March 16, 1942 April 2, 1942
4th March 5, 1943 April 2, 1943



District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Kings     Herbert H. Acorn[1]

John R. McLean (1940)


Prog. Conservative

    Peter A. MacIsaac Liberal
2nd Kings     Harry Cox Liberal     James P. McIntyre Liberal
3rd Kings     John Mustard Liberal     Francis MacPhee Conservative/
Prog. Conservative
4th Kings     John A. Campbell Liberal     Montague Annear Liberal
5th Kings     William Hughes Liberal     George Saville Liberal


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Prince     Aeneas Gallant Liberal     Thane Alexander Campbell Liberal
2nd Prince     George H. Barbour Liberal     William H. Dennis Liberal
3rd Prince     Marin Gallant Liberal     Thomas Linkletter Liberal
4th Prince     Cleveland Baker Liberal    
Horace Wright Liberal
5th Prince     Edward P. Foley Liberal     Brewer W. Robinson Liberal


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Queens     Donald N. McKay Liberal     W. F. Alan Stewart Liberal
2nd Queens     Angus McPhee[1]

George Kitson

Liberal     Bradford W. LePage[2]

Alexander W. Matheson (1940)

3rd Queens     Russell C. Clark Liberal     Mark R. MacGuigan Liberal
4th Queens     Dougald MacKinnon Liberal     John Walter Jones Liberal
5th Queens     William Allan Stewart Conservative/
Prog. Conservative
    William J. P. MacMillan Conservative/
Prog. Conservative


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  2. ^ appointed Lieutenant Governor