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British Army

The 44th Parachute Brigade (Volunteers) was a British Army Territorial Army parachute brigade, active from c.1950 to 1978. From 1950-1956 it was one of the brigades of 16th Airborne Division. From 1956 the division was reduced to the 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group, comprising the 10th (County of London), 12th (Yorkshire), 13th (Lancashire), 15th (Scottish) and 17th (Durham Light Infantry) battalions of the Parachute Regiment. Shortly after formation, the 12th and 13th Battalions were amalgamated as 12th/13th (Yorkshire and Lancashire) Battalion.[1] In 1967, the TA battalions were reduced again, the 12th/13th and 17th being amalgamated to reform the 4th Battalion.

Reformation in 1967[edit]

It was reformed on 1 April 1967 from 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group (T.A.). The Brigade was the only Territorial Army Parachute formation in the Army's order of battle. The following units were part of the Brigade:[2]

The 44th Parachute Brigade (V) was disbanded on 31 March 1978. Only the 3 TA Parachute Battalions and 144 Field Ambulance retained their parachute role; 289 Battery RHA and 131 Squadron RE were converted to Commando units (289 reverting from RHA to RA) while the remainder of the Brigade units were either converted or disbanded.


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