4505th Air Refueling Wing

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4505th Air Refueling Wing
4505th Air Refueling Wing.png
4505th Air Refueling Wing emblem
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Air Force
RoleAir Refueling
Garrison/HQLangley AFB, Virginia

The United States Air Force's 4505th Air Refueling Wing (Tactical) was an Air Refueling unit located at Langley AFB, Virginia. It was established on 1 Jul 1958 at Langley AFB, Virginia. The 4505th was the only aerial refueling wing in the Tactical Air Command structure. The wing flew the KB-50J, a derivative of the B-50 nuclear bomber. The 4505th Air Refueling Wing (Tactical) was discontinued on 8 Oct 1963.


Major command[edit]

Numbered Air Force[edit]

  • (1 Jul 58 – 8 Oct 63)

Air division[edit]

  • (1 Jul 58 – 8 Oct 63)

Previous designations[edit]

  • 4505th Air Refueling Wing, Tactical (1 Jul 1958 – 8 Oct 1963)



4505th CAMS Langley AFB

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