467/GMP Till I Die

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467/GMP Till I Die
467GMP Till I Die.jpg
Studio album by Gazza
Released 2007
Genre Kwaito, hip hop, dancehall
Label Gazza Music Productions
Gazza chronology
Stof-Lap Chikapute
(2005)Stof-Lap Chikapute2005
467/GMP Till I Die
Still The King
(2008)Still The King2008

467/GMP Till I Die is Gazza's fourth studio album, released in May 2007. 467/GMP Till I Die is the first double LP released in Namibia. The album includes the Channel-O award winning song "Mokasie". This is Gazza's most mature and personal album. It received both negative and positive reviews from critics.Piki Piki was another big hit in the album.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one: Heads[edit]

  1. Oshinima
  2. Hee
  3. Karandu
  4. Bazza feat. Luvy
  5. Moving Road feat. Ghetto Son
  6. Sunshine feat. Dore
  7. Konakona
  8. There's Still Hope
  9. I Wanna Go
  10. New Style
  11. Nau Mai

Disc two: Tails[edit]

  1. Piki Piki
  2. You Can't Get
  3. South 2 Corner feat. Mshoza
  4. Mo Fire
  5. Mokasie
  6. Odhindjidhindji feat. Elvo
  7. Ongweele Ano?
  8. Let's Get Together
  9. Don't Worry
  10. International – feat. EeS
  11. Nau Ma [Instrumental]