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46th AWGIE Awards

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The 46th Annual AWGIE Awards, which is conducted by the Australian Writers' Guild, honors the best in Australian writing for screen, television, stage and radio. It was held at the Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 4 October 2013, and was hosted by comedian Sammy J.[1] David Williamson AO and Attorney General George Brandis were also in attendance.

Winners are highlighted in bold


Telemovie: Adaptation

Television: Mini-Series Original

Television: Series

  • Rake (R v Greene) - Peter Duncan
  • Rake (R v Mohammed) - Peter Duncan
  • Rake (R v Floyd) - Andrew Knight
  • Redfern Now (Raymond) - Adrian Wills

Television: Serial

Comedy: Sketch Or Light Entertainment

  • Good News Week (The Second Going) - Mat Blackwell, George Dodd, Simon Dodd, Warwick Holt, Paul Livingston, Ian Simmons
  • How Green was my Cactus - Doug Edwards, Lindy Wilson, Shane Edwards

Comedy: Narrative

  • A Moody Christmas (Decapod Crustaceans) - Phil Lloyd, Trent O'Donnell
  • A Moody Christmas (Separate Seats) - Phil Lloyd, Trent O'Donnell
  • Please Like Me (Portuguese Custard Tarts) - Josh Thomas, Liz Doran, Thomas Ward
  • Please Like Me (Spanish Eggs) - Josh Thomas, Liz Doran, Thomas Ward

Feature Film: Screenplay Original

Feature Film: Screenplay Adaptation

Radio: Original

  • See How The Leaf People Run - Michele Lee
  • Eaten - Gina Schien

Radio: Adaptation

  • Cross Sections - Suzie Miller
  • Head Full Of Love - Alana Valentine

Interactive Media

  • The Opera House Project - Sam Doust


  • The Adventures of Figaro Pho: The Fear Of Unfamiliar Toilets - Bruce Griffiths
  • A Cautionary Tail - Erica Harrison
  • Ghosts of Time: Mummy Mia - David Witt

Documentary: Public Broadcast

  • Whitlam: The Power & The Passion - Paul Clarke
  • Love & Fury: Judith Wright & 'Nugget' Coombs - John Hughes, Penelope Chai
  • Red Obsession - David Roach, Warwick Ross

Documentary: Corporate & Trading

  • Your Choice - Ken Wallace

Theatre For Young Audiences

  • Tame - Declan Greene
  • Truck Stop - Lachlan Philpott
  • Driving into Walls - Suzie Miller
  • The Warrior And the Princess - Shirley Van Sanden

Theatre: Community & Youth Theatre

  • The Quiet Brother - Ivy Mak
  • Beagle Bay Chronicles - Casey Nicholls
  • Grounded - Alana Valentine

Theatre: Stage

  • Medea - Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks
  • Pompeii, L.A. - Declan Greene
  • Happy Ending - Melissa Reeves
  • Sweetest Things - Kate Rice

Theatre: Children's

  • Starchaser - Lally Katz
  • The House that Jack Filled - Finegan Kruckemeyer

Short Film

  • Spine - Sophie Miller
  • The Amber Amulet - Genevieve Hegney and Matthew Moore
  • Bursting! - Gary Sewell
  • The Last Time I Saw Richard - Nicholas Verso

Children's Television: P Classification

  • Guess How Much I Love You (I Promise) - David Evans
  • Guess How Much I Love You (A Hare's Tale) - Lisa Hoppe
  • Guess How Much I Love You (The Big Apple) - Jane Schneider

Children's Television: C Classification

  • Ghosts Of Time (Alien Adventure) - David Evans
  • Dance Academy (New Rules) - Josh Mapleston
  • Dance Academy (Not For Nothing) - Samantha Strauss
  • Dance Academy (A Perfect Storm) - Samantha Strauss

Monte Miller Award: Long Form

  • Fury - Charlotte McConaghy
  • Starfish - Hannah Moon, Robin Geradts-Gill and Stephen Sholl
  • The Knot - Jessica Paine

Monte Miller Award: Short Form

  • Trunk - Derek Foster
  • Drive By - Edward Lyons
  • Any Given Day - Anne O'Hoy and Leah Pullen

David Williamson Prize

Dorothy Crawford Prize

For outstanding contribution to the profession

Richard Lane Award

For outstanding service and dedication to the Australian Writers' Guild

Hector Crawford Award

For outstanding contribution to the craft via a body of script editing work

Fred Parsons Award

For outstanding contribution to Australian Comedy

  • Guy Rundle

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