4822 Karge

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Discovered by E. Bowell
Discovery site Flagstaff
Discovery date 4 October 1986
MPC designation (4822) Karge
1986 TC1
Orbital characteristics[1]
Epoch 13 January 2016 (JD 2457400.5)
Uncertainty parameter 0
Observation arc 16210 days (44.38 yr)
Aphelion 2.6711963 AU (399.60528 Gm)
Perihelion 1.8330075 AU (274.21402 Gm)
2.252102 AU (336.9097 Gm)
Eccentricity 0.1860903
3.38 yr (1234.5 d)
0° 17m 29.844s / day
Inclination 4.050342°
Earth MOID 0.846416 AU (126.6220 Gm)
Jupiter MOID 2.72612 AU (407.822 Gm)
Jupiter Tisserand parameter 3.600
Physical characteristics

4822 Karge (1986 TC1) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on October 4, 1986 by E. Bowell at Flagstaff.

Named in honor of Orville B. Karge (1919–1990), instructor of physics at San Dieguito High School and Torrey Pines High School, near San Diego, California. Karge was known to be selflessly devoted to teaching and the development of opportunities for students to independently explore their interests beyond the classroom. His encouragement to enter science fairs, sponsorship of a long-lived rocketry and astronomy club, and an open-lab policy provided educational challenges and adventures for his physics students and many others.

Citation prepared by J. Bytof at the request of the discoverer.[2]


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