48th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

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48th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
2011 Golden Orange Festival Poster.jpg
Festival Poster
LocationAntalya, Turkey
AwardsGolden Orange
Festival dateOctober 8–14, 2011
Antalya Film Festival

The 48th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Turkish: 48. Uluslararası Antalya Altın Portakal Film Festivali) was a film festival held in Antalya, Turkey from October 8 to 14, 2011. Films were shown with the theme "...And the Woman Touched the World" focusing on women and the violence that women face in their daily lives and the Golden Orange selection committees, including the International and National Competition Juries, were entirely composed of female members for the first time in the festival's history.[1][2]

This edition of the International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival will be the third to be organised solely by the Antalya Foundation for Culture and Arts (AKSAV), a cultural body affiliated with the Antalya Greater Municipality. The festival opened with a ceremony at the Cam Piramit Congress and Exhibition Center on October 7, 2011 at which the honorary awards were presented, songs were sung by Jane Birkin and Zuhal Olcay, and Azerbaijani director Rustam Ibragimbekov was guest of honour.[3]

Competitions were also run for the cancelled 16th (1979) and 17th (1980) editions of the festival with Belated Golden Oranges (Turkish: Geç Gelen Altın Portallar) being presented to the winners.


National Feature Film Competition Awards[edit]

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National Feature Film Competition[edit]

Thirteen Turkish films made in the preceding year were selected by the Pre-Evaluation Board from the 45 eligible to compete in the festival’s National Feature Film Competition.

National Feature Film Competition Jury[edit]

National Feature Film Competition Selection[edit]

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