Mazda G4A-EL transmission

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The G4A-EL was a 4-speed automatic transmission from Mazda. It was Mazda's first four-speed transmission on its introduction in 1987.

The original 1987 G4A-EL included three shift solenoids, a lockup solenoid, a vane-type pump, and a throttle cable. It was redesigned for 1988 and used in the Ford Probe the next year under the 4EAT-G name by Ford.



The G4A-HL was a governor controlled lighter-duty version produced in 1988 and 1989.



The transmission was reworked again for 1993 as the GF4A-EL with seven solenoids, a rotor-type pump, and the removal of the throttle cable. In 1994, all US-built 4-cylinder 626s and MX-6s began using the locally-sourced ZF/Ford designed CD4E transmission, which Mazda given the code LA4A-EL.


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