4K Disk Monitor System

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Developer Digital Equipment Corporation
OS family DEC OS family
Working state Discontinued
Source model Closed source
Platforms PDP-8
Default user interface Command line interface
License Proprietary

The PDP-8 Disk Monitor is a discontinued operating system released by Digital Equipment Corporation for their PDP-8 line of mini-computers. The minimum hardware requirements consisted of a teleprinter, 3 cycle data break (an option on the PDP-8/S model), and a mass storage option of a DF32 disk sub-system or a TC01 DECtape unit, with later releases the additional option of using a RF08 disk drive. The distribution media was on paper tape, a common means of data storage for computers of that era. The included user programs consisted mainly of modified versions of the paper tape software library distributed by DEC for their PDP-8 family of small computers, much of this was exported to the TSS-8 and MS/8 operating systems.


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  • DEC DEC-D8-SDAB-D PDP-8/I Disk Monitor System Programmer's Reference Manual, Revised July, 1969
  • DEC DEC-08-AJBB-DL Advanced FOCAL Technical Specification, 1st Printing April, 1969

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