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Initial release2010
Latest release27.2
Package managerNone
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)

4MLinux is a lightweight distribution made for both the 32bit and 64bit architectures.[1][2] It is named "4MLinux" since it has 4 main components of the OS. Maintenance (it can be used a rescue Live CD), Multimedia (There is inbuilt support for almost every multimedia format), Miniserver (It comes with a 64-bit server is included running LAMP suite), and Mystery (Includes a collection of classic Linux games).[3] The distribution is developed in Poland, and was first released in 2010.[4] The distribution does not include a package manager, and uses JWM (Joe's Window Manager) as it's default window manager. It also comes with Conky preinstalled.[5] When installing programs with the distribution, the distribution will retrieve the Windows version rather than the Linux version due to it coming pre-installed with Wine (A compatibility layer for Windows applications), and not having any package manager.[6] The distribution is geared towards people who prefer a lightweight distribution.[7] There is a version of the distribution called the "4MLinux Game Edition" which provides 90s games natively such as Doom, and Hexen.[8]

The distribution comes in two different version, 4MServer, and 4MLinux. 4MLinux requires 128 MB of RAM when installed to an HDD, and 1024 MB of RAM when being used as a live CD/USB. Whereas, 4MServer requires 256 MB of RAM when installed to an HDD, and 2048 MB of RAM when being used as a live CD/USB.[2]


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