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Manuscript 4Q246

4Q246, also known as the Aramaic Apocalypse, is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran which is notable for an early Messianic mention of a Son of God.[1][2]


It is a single page with a short text.[3] Column 1 (right hand) is damaged and requires some interpretative restoration. Column 2 (left hand) begins:

"He will be called the Son of God, and they will call him the Son of the Most High like a shooting star."

Even though this may be related to "one like a Son of Man" in Daniel 7:13-14,[4] it is interesting to note the fragment is quite like Luke 1:32-33, 35.

4Q246 1:9-2:3

"[X] shall be great upon the earth. [O King all (people) shall] make [peace], and all shall serve [Him. He shall be called the Son of] the [G]reat [God], and by His Name shall He be hailed (as) the Son of God, and they shall call Him Son of the Most High like a shooting star."

In both we are told here and Luke that he will be "great"; that he will be "called" "Son of the Most High" and "Son of God."


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