Omega2 Cancri

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4 Cancri
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Cancer
Right ascension 08h 01m 43.75692s[1]
Declination +25° 05′ 22.0800″[1]
Spectral type A1V[1]
Radial velocity (Rv)−9.2 ± 2[1] km/s
Proper motion (μ) RA: −25.11 mas/yr
Dec.: 12.29 mas/yr
Parallax (π)6.85 ± 0.35 mas
Distance480 ± 20 ly
(146 ± 7 pc)
Other designations
ω2 Cancri (Bayer), 4 Cancri (Flamsteed), BD+25 1816, CCDM J08017+2506A, GSC 01930-00674, HD 65856, HIC 39263, HIP 39263, HR 3132, SAO 79869
Database references

ω2 Cancri (Latinised to omega2 Cancri, abbreviated to ω2 Cnc or omega2 Cnc) is the Bayer designation of an A-type main-sequence star in the constellation Cancer. It is also known by its Flamsteed designation of 4 Cancri (4 Cnc). It is approximately 480 light years from Earth, and has an apparent magnitude of 6.32.


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