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4 Corners
Origin Hamilton, New Zealand
Genres Hip-Hop
Years active 1998 - present
Members MC Hepaklyps
MC Koma
DJ Omega B

4 Corners is a New Zealand Hip-Hop group formed in 1998.


The name 4 Corners originates from the 4 elements of the Hip Hop culture: MCing (rapping), DJing, breaking (breakdancing) and graffiti art (Graf). 4 Corners consists of two MC's, Koma and Hepaklypz, with DJ Omega B, and was formed in 1998 with members from different groups within Hamilton.

Highlights of their career have included featuring on P-Money's album "Big Things" & DJ Sir-Vere's Major Flavours 4 which has gone triple platinum. They also performed live on DJ Sir-Vere's set for the Missy Elliott concert. As of January '05 they filmed their first music video (In the game 4 life) in Wellington at the Bodyrock festival. At the start of 2006 4 Corners also made it into the Top 3 (over 70 bands entered) for the Coke Tunes competition to open the Edgefest '06.

Within the past 8 years 4 Corners have featured on various TV programmes like Coast and Tuhono on Maori Television as well as Mai Time and Space. They have also performed at events such as the bNet Awards (Akl), Big Day Out (Akl), NZ ITF Finals (Akl), Body Rock (Wgtn), Respect Festival (Wgtn), Aotearoa Hip Hop Summits (Chch & Akl), Beat Street (Ham), Orientation (Ham) Resolution (Whitianga), Coyote Tour (Tga & Wgtn), DMC DJ Comp (Wgtn), Reprezent (Akl), DJ Revolution (Chch). They have toured nationwide with Nesian Mystik and Misfits of Science.

They have also supported top NZ acts such as Che Fu, King Kapisi, P-Money, Deceptikonz, Footsouljahs, Frontline & Scribe on his stand up tour also guest appearances with Scribe at the De La Soul, Q-Bert & 50 Cent concerts.

In 2005, a partnership was formed with independent label Disruptiv Music to release 4 Corners debut album. The first single and video through Disruptiv, 'On the Downlow' was released at the end of 2005. This single charted on the NZ Top 40.[citation needed]

They completed their album in York Street Studios at the end of March 2006. The Foundations featuring Che Fu, Ladi 6, Tyra Hammond, Maia Rata and beats from P-Money, DJ Militia, Fire and Ice and DJ Ali. This has been a long awaited album from this well established group[citation needed] in the Aotearoa Hip-hop scene.


  • MC Hepaklyps
  • MC Koma
  • DJ Omega B
  • DJ Militia


Date of Release Title Label Charted Country Certification
2006 The Foundations ' New Zealand

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