4 Man Show

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4 Man Show
The opening title screen for the 4 Man Show
Genre Comedy Satire
Directed by Faisal Chaudry
Creative director(s) Murtaza Chaudry
Starring Murtaza Chaudry,Mustafa Chaudry,Mobeen Gabool
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
Original network Aaj TV
Original release 2005
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The 4 Man Show is a Pakistani television series that airs on Aaj TV on Sundays at 8:00 PM.[1] It made its debut on TV in 2005 and is currently on a hiatus since November 2013.


The 4 Man Show revolves around a fictitious, parody TV channel by the name of, Channel 4.[1] The show is heavy on news channel satire, especially so on the way interviews are conducted on these channels. The show has mock segments pertaining to news bulletins, on-field reporting and celebrity interviews which are based on the 4-member cast's ability to conduct parodies of a large number of diverse people including news-casters, politicians, television celebrities and sportspeople.

The show also raises issues of media freedom, sexism, terrorism, corruption and sectarianism in an off-hand manner.

Parting and New inductions[edit]

In April 2011, some members of the team of 4 Man Show started a new program on GEO TV and Banana News Network (BNN).[2] The show continued with the remaining cast till March 2012 after which it went on a hiatus.
The show was revived in November 2012 with Ali Gul Pir added to the cast of the show.[3] A year later, in November 2013, 4 Man Show went on another hiatus, probably due to a lack of ratings.


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