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4 O'Clock Club
4 O'Clock Club titlecard.png
Genre Children's drama
Musical comedy
Family sitcom
Created by Paul Rose
Doc Brown
Starring see Cast section
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 5 (1 upcoming)
No. of episodes 52 (13 to be filmed) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Connal Orton
Running time 27-28 minutes
Original channel CBBC
Original release 13 January 2012 (2012-01-13) – present

4 O'Clock Club is a BAFTA-nominated British children's television series, which premiered on 13 January 2012[1] on CBBC and BBC HD. A second series began airing on 4 January 2013 and the third series premiered on 20 December 2013, with a fourth having been confirmed.[2] Series 4 began airing on 28 January 2015. A fifth series has been commissioned and started filming in June 2015.[3]


ScreenTerrier held auditions for the 4 O'Clock Club in March 2011 and the show was publicly announced the next month.[4] The first episode aired in January 2012, with the series wrapping up in March of that same year.

It was announced in December 2013 that the third series episodes would premiere on iPlayer seven days before broadcast on television. Victoria Jaye, head of TV content for BBC iPlayer, said: "We're incredibly excited that 4 O'Clock Club will be the first children's series to premiere on BBC iPlayer. As an established comedy drama in the CBBC schedule, the iPlayer premiere will give fans the chance to enjoy their favourite programme whenever and wherever they want to." "Over the last year, we've seen a 63 percent growth in consumption of children's content on iPlayer, which demonstrates iPlayer's important role as a complementary discovery platform for our broadcast programmes." Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC, said: "CBBC is the most watched children's channel in the UK for its respective target audience and we're proud to continue to deliver high-quality programmes in a way that suits our audience." "Viewers are in for a treat with the best series yet of award-winning 4 O'Clock Club as we welcome Josh and friends back for more melodious mischief."[5]


The first series centres on Josh Carter (Khalil Madovi), a pupil at Elmsbury High, and his older brother Nathan (Doc Brown), who works as a teacher there. Josh is portrayed as a laid-back teenage schoolboy trying to maintain his cool reputation, while also being rebellious and trying to cause trouble in order to achieve his goals and humiliate or outsmart Nathan. Nathan, former Elmsbury High student and famous rapper, soon learns that only he will able to stop Josh from his schemes.

In the second series, Nathan leaves Elmsbury and new music teacher Dexter Harris (Jason Callender) joins the school. Dexter becomes Josh and his mother's new lodger, taking Josh's room as a result. As such, Josh antagonizes Dexter through much of the series, until he finally accepts his presence and labels him as an "honorary Carter brother". The series also featured Crispin Bell (Simon Lowe) as the new headmaster, who replaces Byron, and proved to be far stricter than Byron. Mr Thorne was a brutal enemy of Josh and Dexter for the remainder of the series.

The third series featured Nathan's proposal and marriage to Melanie Poppy (Laura Aikman), who both departed the series, and Josh is forced to share his room with his annoying younger cousin, Nero (Akai Osei). When the school burns down due to an issue with candles, Elmsbury is merged with another school, Fowlmere, renaming the school Elmsmere as of the fourth episode of the third series. After the series, Nero and his gang, Isaac (who was still a pupil), Ash, Mr Nunn and Mr Harris all starred in Mr Bell's own Elmsmere documentary show, known as 4 O'Clock Files.

The fourth series features Nero, now in the main role, and his crew have replaced Josh and the Elmsbury gang (Ryan and Molly not included), who have all temporarily departed the series (except Issac, who becomes Elmsmere's caretaker) and Dexter is trying to make it as an accomplished teacher, but is given the new job of taking care of Nero's shenanigans, which indirectly resembles Josh and Nathan's relationship in the first series. The series also introduced a new main character, rebellious and cynical tomboy Clem Burton (Jade Alleyne), who joins Nero's crew as well as mysterious spray paintings of Andress appear around Elmsmere, called 'The Phantom Sprayer', however it was later revealed that it was Mr. Bell who was the criminal. This series also features mini cameos from Josh's gang as shown in the series premiere and series finale. Nathan also makes his comeback in two episodes.

The fifth series is not yet known but it is possible it'll still feature on Nero in the main role.


Current cast[edit]

Character Actor Role Duration Year
Liz Carter Dystin Johnson Parent
1x01− 2012−
Anita Andress Liz Hume-Dawson Deputy Headteacher, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Deputy Headteacher, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Headteacher, Winetts Prestige (s.3)
Headteacher, Elmsmere Manor (s.4−)
1x01−3x03, 3x13− 2012−
Crispin Bell Simon Lowe Headteacher, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Co-headteacher, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
Acting Deputy Headteacher, Elmsmere Manor (s.4−)
Head of History (s.4−)
History Teacher (s.4−)
2x01− 2013−
Dexter Harris Jason Callender Trainee Music Teacher, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Music Teacher, Elmsmere Manor (s.3−)
Head of Music (s.4−)
2x02− 2013−
Nero Johnson Akai Osei Student, Elmsmere Manor 3x02− 2014−
Isaac Rodgers Layton Blake Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
Caretaker, Elmsmere Manor (s.4−)
3x03− 2014−
Eli Grant Daniel Kerr Student, Elmsmere Manor 3x03− 2014−
Owen Garland Lewis Brindley Student, Elmsmere Manor 3x03− 2014−
Fleur Murphy Chloe Davison Student, Elmsmere Manor 3x03− 2014−
Eleesha Rahad Grace McIntosh Student, Elmsmere Manor 3x03− 2014−
Graham Nunn Dan Wright PE Teacher, Elmsmere Manor 3x03− 2014−
Clem Burton Jade Alleyne Student, Elmsmere Manor 4x01− 2015−
Lizzie Baker Sarah Schoenbeck Science Teacher, Elmsmere Manor 4x01− 2015−
Isobel Harlow Ruby Barnhill Student, Elmsmere Manor 4x03− 2015−

Former cast[edit]

Character Actor Role Duration Year Episodes
Josh Carter Khalil Madovi Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
1x01-4x01, 4x07, 4x13 2012−14, 2015 42
Nathan Carter Doc Brown English Teacher, Elmsbury High (s.1)
English Teacher (s.2−)
1x01−2x03, 2x12−3x02, 4x07, 4x13 2012−14, 2015 21
Ash Newman Tom Rowlinson Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
1x01−4x01, 4x13 2012−14, 2015 42
Ryan Wood Oscar Lloyd Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Winetts Prestige (s.3)
1x01−3x03 2012−14 28
Molly Finnegan Alana Thornton Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Winetts Prestige (s.3)
1x01−3x03 2012−14 28
Agness Addo Sade Malone Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
1x01−4x01, 4x13 2012−14, 2015 42
Zoe-Marie Ingham Ruby Morgan Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
1x01−4x01, 4x13 2012−14, 2015 42
Melanie Poppy Laura Aikman Music Teacher, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Music Teacher, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
1x01−3x02 2012−14 25
Mr. Byron Steve Huison Headteacher, Elmsbury High 1x01−1x13 2012 13
Jeff Thorne Myles Keogh PE Teacher, Elmsbury High (s.1)
PE Teacher, Elmsbury Academy (s.2)
1x07−2x13 2012−13 16
Natalie Harlow Beth Chaplow Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2)
Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
1x10, 2x07, 3x10−3x13 2012−14 5
Darius Phillips Adam Kavanagh Student, Elmsbury High (s.1)
Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2−3)
Student, Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
1x12, 2x01−2x10, 2x12−3x01, 3x04 2012−14 14
Rachel Lauren McQueen Student, Elmsbury Academy (s.2)
Student at Elmsmere Manor (s.3)
2x07, 3x06, 3x09, 3x11 2013−14 4
Bebe Johnson Kerry Stacey Parent
School Secretary, Elmsmere Manor
3x02−3x13 2014 12
Aine O'Brien Sally Ann Matthews Co-headteacher, Elmsmere Manor 3x03−3x13 2014 11
Emma Parkwood Sophia Di Martino Music Teacher, Elmsmere Manor 3x03−3x13 2014 11

4 o'Clock Files[edit]

4 o'Clock Files is a subseries and to 4 o'Clock Club, following Josh Carter's departure for Hillview Academy. Set during the end of term at Elmsmere, it focuses on Crispin Bell, filming a documentary with the help of Eleesha and Fleur. He focuses on Elmsmere's curriculum, sporting activities and education, and also discusses the history of Elmsmere, about how Elmsbury and Fowlmere merged together.

The series features clips from the second and third series, as the many topics of the documentary are discussed.

The series also features Nero and his friends, who discuss the events of the third series. Isaac and Ash made their final appearances in Elmsmere uniform, discussing Josh's mishaps with Rachel and the adventures they had in Elmsbury and Elmsmere. Dexter and Nunn were also caught teasing each other, at the expense of Dexter's end-of-year reports, whom he did Josh's and Zoe-Marie's (who also had been interviewed) reports.

Josh is absent from the series (due to his departure for Hillview). He only appears in clips from previous series.

It aired on CBBC from December 14-19, 2014.


The show is filmed in and around Swinton, Greater Manchester. Constructed raps are featured in every episode, usually relating to the current situation. As such, the series takes a musical style. Since the school set on fire in the show, it is now filmed in the former site of St Ambrose Barlow RC High School.For the first series we see the 4 O'Clock club being filmed in a secondary school that is still in use.This is Smithills School,Bolton.They used areas such as the schools upper school and college building (formerly used by Bolton sixth form). For the second series they also filmed in a school that was still in use which was castle hill high school in stockport.


4 O'Clock Club is a British television series broadcast on the CBBC Channel.

Series overview[edit]


Series Episodes Originally aired
Series premiere Series finale
1 13 13 January 2012 (2012-01-13) 30 March 2012 (2012-03-30)
2 13 4 January 2013 (2013-01-04) 22 March 2013 (2013-03-22)
3 13 20 December 2013 (2013-12-20) 26 March 2014 (2014-03-26)
4 13 28 January 2015 (2015-01-28) 22 April 2015 (2015-04-22)


Series 1 (2012)[edit]

</only include

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original Air Date Viewers
1 "Back to School" Matt Bloom Paul Rose 13 January 2012 (2012-01-13) [1] 493,000

13-year-old Josh Carter (Khalil Madovi) is shocked and annoyed to discover that his older brother Nathan (Doc Brown) is the new English teacher and detention monitor at his school, Elmsbury High. As Nathan takes charge of the euphemistically-named 4 o'Clock Club (the nickname for the detention club), Josh, being the regular attendee and king of the club, desires to see his idol, B-Mode, at an event with his friends, dimwitted Ash Newman (Tom Rowlinson) and geeky Ryan Wood (Oscar Lloyd), but he must escape Nathan and his new ideas for the way of detention.

Note: first appearances: Josh Carter, Nathan Carter, Ryan Wood, Ash Newman, Mr. Byron, Melanie Poppy, Mrs. Carter, Molly Finegan, Zoe-Marie Ingham, Agness Addo and Anita Andress.
2 "Assembly" Dermot Boyd Paul Rose 20 January 2012 (2012-01-20) [6] 445,000
Having his brother Nathan as a teacher at his school is having a disastrous effect on Josh's ability to have fun, scheme schemes and scam scams. When Josh notices that Nathan is more than a little interested in music teacher Miss Poppy and her modern take on Cinderella, Josh tries to get him off his case by setting Nathan up as her Prince Charming.[6]
3 "Maths" Matt Bloom Dan Berlinka 27 January 2012 (2012-01-27) [7] 488,000
To get out of maths homework Josh claims he has number blindness, and persuades novice supply teacher Janucek to let him off.[7]
4 "Disco" Dermot Boyd Mark Oswin 3 February 2012 (2012-02-03) [8] 481,000
The school disco means just one thing for the Carter brothers – girl trouble. Josh accidentally invites Zoe-Marie to be his date, while Nathan tries desperately to impress the gorgeous Miss Poppy. Only Ash has any success with the girls – in fact, more success than he can handle.[8]
5 "Laptop" Matt Bloom Paul Rose 9 February 2012 (2012-02-09) [9] 453,000
When Nathan's laptop mysteriously breaks down in the middle of a project, Josh is the obvious suspect. Josh suggests Nathan borrows a replacement from the terrifying Miss Andress. But when that laptop goes missing, who gets the blame? [9]
6 "Party" Dermot Boyd Gerard Foster 16 February 2012 (2012-02-16) [10] 399,000
Nathan takes advantage of Mrs Carter's weekend trip away to invite Miss Poppy round for a romantic evening. Unfortunately, Josh has chosen the same evening to invite his entire class round for a party. But what happens when Mum returns unexpectedly early? [10]
7 "Football" Dermot Boyd Mark Brotherhood 24 February 2012 (2012-02-24) [11] 499,000
Josh, Ryan and Ash sign up for the school football team to get out of lessons, but discover that even studying is preferable to PE teacher Thorne's strict disciplinary regime.[11]
8 "Quiz" Julie Edwards Mark Oswin 2 March 2012 (2012-03-02) [12] 394,000
Nathan drags Josh onto the useless school quiz team to teach him how to stick at something. But Josh realizes to his delight that him not knowing any answers will only make Nathan look bad.[12]
9 "Auction" Dermot Boyd Ben Smith 9 March 2012 (2012-03-09) [13] 460,000
When the school's last remaining keyboard blows a fuse, Josh decides to help raise funds for new musical instruments by staging a charity auction. But without any valuables to give to the cause, the teachers decide to sell themselves . Josh opts to donate Nathan's stuff instead.[13]
10 "School Council" Matt Bloom Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh 16 March 2012 (2012-03-16) [14] 389,000
Nathan gets lumbered with running the School Council – and drags Josh in to teach him about responsibility. But instead, Josh uses his new powers to try to change the rules to his own advantage.[14]
11 "Sweets" Julie Edwards Holly Phillips 23 March 2012 (2012-03-23) [15] 473,000
Since Jamie Oliver's push for healthy school meals, sweets have been banned at Elmsbury High. But someone's running an unofficial tuck shop selling crisps and chocolate – and Nathan's given the job of finding out who.[15]
12 "Fight" Dan Berlinka Julie Edwards 30 March 2012 (2012-03-30) [16] 277,000
When Nathan decides to put Darius, the star of Elmsbury's basketball team, in detention, Darius decides to get his own back – on Josh.[16]
13 "End of Term" Julie Edwards Paul Rose 30 March 2012 (2012-03-30) [17] 279,000

It's the end of term and Nathan is due to be assessed by Head Master Mr Byron. His future hangs in the balance. So when Josh messes up, and it looks like Nathan's career as a teacher is over, it's down to the rest of the 4 o'Clock Club to save his skin.[17]

Note: Series ended with a rap entitled 'Let's Enjoy this Moment, Right'

Series 2 (2013)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Viewers
14 1 "New Term[18]" Matt Bloom Paul Rose 4 January 2013 (2013-01-04) 441,000

After the end of summer holidays, school at Elmsbury resumes for the Carter brothers, but they discover that Byron has been replaced by Crispin Bell, the new headteacher, who has plans that could determine the fate of the 4 o'Clock Club and ultimately Elmsbury itself.

Note: First appearance of Crispin Bell.
15 2 "Head Of Year[19]" Matt Bloom Gerard Foster 11 January 2013 (2013-01-11) 460,000

Nathan finally decides to ask Miss Poppy out, but it's on the day that Mr Bell is to select a head of year and Josh is determined that Nathan gets the post instead of Thorne. But Nathan is too distracted by a misunderstanding about the date, so Josh concocts a plan to help Nathan's bid for the job. But without Nathan's help, Josh has to turn to new music assistant Dexter for a solution.

Note: First appearance of Dexter Harris.
16 3 "Dexter's Big Week[20]" Matt Bloom Paul Rose 18 January 2013 (2013-01-18) 268,000
When a heartbroken Nathan leaves Elmsbury to take up a post in Scotland, Mr Bell needs someone to run the 4 O'Clock Club. Dexter enthusiastically steps up, keen to prove himself to Mr Bell, but when Josh discovers that Dexter is also his mum's new lodger, he makes it his mission to take Dexter down.
17 4 "Ice Cream[21]" Matt Bloom Mark Oswin 25 January 2013 (2013-01-25) 410,000
Bell initiates a big clamp-down on security and truancy in school, meaning there are no more visits to the ice cream van just outside the front gates. But worse for Josh, there's a game he wants to buy in a shop that is shut out of school hours. How will everyone beat the security lockdown?
18 5 "Dexter's Dad[22]" Dermot Boyd Paul Rose 1 February 2013 (2013-02-01) 401,000
Bell has organised a tour of the school by visiting headteachers, including Dexter's dad. But Dexter has exaggerated his role at the school and has to get Josh's help to maintain his lie.
19 6 "Points[23]" Dermot Boyd Lee Walters 8 February 2013 (2013-02-08) 322,000
Bell starts a scheme where good behaviour is rewarded with points that can be converted into prizes. Josh realises that with enough points he can 'buy' his dream tablet computer. But can he behave well enough to earn the points he needs?
20 7 "Valentine's Day[24]" Matt Bloom Gerard Foster 15 February 2013 (2013-02-15) 314,000
Josh needs Dexter's help to finish off some new tracks – but doesn't want to look uncool by hanging out with a teacher. But Dexter has other ideas and plans to take this beautiful new musical partnership public.
21 8 "School Trip[25]" Matt Bloom Mark Oswin 22 February 2013 (2013-02-22) 288,000
Dexter takes the 4 O'Clock regulars on a half-term camping trip. But due to a mix-up they have to turn back and head home. To salvage something from the trip, Josh comes up with a bold idea for where they can camp instead.
22 9 "Suspension[26]" Matt Bloom Ben Smith 1 March 2013 (2013-03-01) 286,000
Josh is suspended for a day. Unfortunately it is on school careers day, and a record label guy Josh is keen to impress will be there. Can Josh get in to meet him without getting caught out by the teachers or his mum?
23 10 "Rights and Responsibilities[27]" Matt Bloom Holly Phillips 8 March 2013 (2013-03-08) 252,000
Dexter wants the pupils, learning, rights and responsibilities. He encourages them to make a video about the new scheme. Josh seeks this opportunity to shoot his own rap video, but when the whole thing collapses, Dexter is removed from the running of the club, but do the kids have the rights and responsibilities to get him to run the club again?
24 11 "Music Thief[28]" Dermot Boyd Ben Smith 15 March 2013 (2013-03-15) 290,000
Josh has written his best track ever and decides he's going to sell CDs of it in school. But when he realises he's sampled a famous track without permission he has to get all the CDs back before he's caught.
25 12 "Lockdown[29]" Dermot Boyd Paul Rose 22 March 2013 (2013-03-22) 354,000
When Dexter enforces the no-phones rule in the 4 O'Clock Club, Josh rebels and decides to test once and for all just who is in charge in detentions – the teachers or the pupils.
26 13 "Project Zenith[30]" Matt Bloom Paul Rose 22 March 2013 (2013-03-22) 354,000

Dexter finds himself fronting Bell's new plan for Elmsbury – Project Zenith. But the plan has big, bad implications for the 4 o'Clock Club. Josh sets out to defeat the scheme, with a little help from his friends and family. Nathan and Melanie then share a kiss.

Note: Series ended with a rap entitled 'Never Been a Year Like this Before'

Series 3 (2013-2014)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by CBBC Air Date

(Not BBC iPlayer Premiere)

1 "Christmas Special" John Howlett Paul Rose 20 December 2013 (2013-12-20) 461,000
Josh helps Agness and her siblings with their Christmas problems, meanwhile the gang rebel against a Scrooge-like Bell's orders by spreading Christmas cheer around the school, and Nathan returns to surprise everyone by proposing to Mel.
2 "Wedding" John Howlett Paul Rose 8 January 2014 (2014-01-08) 317,000
Trouble arises on the day of Nathan and Mel's wedding as Josh squabbles with his younger cousin Nero, Zoe-Marie, Molly, and Agness are bridesmaids, and Dexter, Ash, and Ryan are in charge of organizing the school auditorium for the reception. Though after the wedding, Josh and the gang are given a huge surprise by Elmsbury.
3 "Merger" John Howlett Gerard Foster 15 January 2014 (2014-01-15) 351,000
After Elmsbury burns down after the wedding, the gang (save for Ryan and Molly) arrive at their new school, where they meet new faces. Meanwhile, Nero wreaks havoc – at Josh's expense, while Dexter tries to impress his new colleagues with a first aid demonstration and nearly scares his new pupils to death.
4 "Cross Country" John Howlett Paul Rose 22 January 2014 (2014-01-22) 361,000
After pretending to have run laps in P.E. class, Josh and the gang find themselves as members for Mr. Nunn's cross-country team. Meanwhile, suspicion is raised in the school when the new statue is destroyed, and Nero tries his hand at writing a new school anthem.
5 "Bench" John Howlett Mark Oswin 29 January 2014 (2014-01-29) 393,000
Nero accidentally loses £60 of Josh's money which Mr Bell spends on a bench. Nero and Josh have to work together to get the money back – or get revenge.
6 "Choir" Tim Hopewell Matt Bloom 5 February 2014 (2014-02-05) 436,000
When Dexter starts a choir, Josh rejects it as a "lame" pursuit, but reconsiders when Rachel joins. But when Josh discovers the true boring nature of the choir, he quits, leading to the other members to quit. Meanwhile, Fleur and Eleesha accidentally manage to become the first girls on Mr. Nunn's boys' boxing team, which they try to get exiled from.
7 "Mugs" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 12 February 2014 (2014-02-12) 423,000
Josh skips school to go to an all-day music conference, but he discovers that Parkwood has also attended the event. Meanwhile, Nero, Eli and Owen attempt to create a new online viral, "mugs", to rival "planking", but it manages to cause them problems.
8 "Work Experience" Spencer Campbell Gerard Foster 19 February 2014 (2014-02-19) 399,000
When the 4 o'Clock Club gang fail to set up work experience placements, they are given jobs in the school. But If this lot are lousy pupils they are absolutely terrible teachers.
9 "Radio" Tim Hopewell Ben Smith 26 February 2014 (2014-02-26) 315,000
When Josh discovers some old radio equipment at school, he persuades Dexter to run a pupil run radio station. Josh is planning to run a radio station to make himself a star and get a date with Rachel – but he hasn't bargained for the other 4 O'Clockers getting involved...
10 "Gold" Spencer Campbell Madeleine Brettingham 5 March 2014 (2014-03-05) 303,000
Dexter gets the 4 o'Clock Club digging the school allotment. But boredom with broccoli turns to delight when Josh strikes gold. Meanwhile, Nero joins Owen at scouts and discovers that under the uniforms those guys may not be as silly as they look.
11 "Quiche" Spencer Campbell Mark Oswin 12 March 2014 (2014-03-12) 352,000
Josh's plans to invite Rachel to a music festival are threatened, when his one hope, Natalie, has promised his ticket to Nero, so the cousins compete against each other in culinary activity to raise enough money to purchase the ticket.
12 "Prefects" John Howlett Gerard Foster 19 March 2014 (2014-03-19) 320,000
Josh wants to put a gig on at a village hall. But when Mum refuses to sign the booking form, Josh takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Mr Bell's scheme to create school prefects doesn't go as smoothly as he hoped.
13 "Audition" Spencer Campbell Paul Rose 26 March 2014 (2014-03-26) 369,000

When Josh plans to audition for a spot at Hillview Institute, a music academy, his dream is thwarted when he discovers that he needs a perfect academic record. Meanwhile, Nero, Ash and the gang are chosen to review Bell and O'Brien, which leads to a disastrous surprise that gets Bell demoted, O'Brien fired, and Miss Andress promoted as Elmsmere's new headteacher.

Note: The series ended with a rap entitled Forever

Series 4 (2015)[edit]

A fourth series was confirmed by Akai Osei who plays Nero Johnson, and that they had already begun finishing filming of the series. The fourth series began airing on January 28, 2015.

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Viewers
1 "Ghost" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 28 January 2015 (2015-01-28) 217,000

After Josh has left for his new school and Bebe has left the country with her husband, school resumes at Elmsmere, and Nero tries to impress Clem, the new girl, by sneaking into the school to search for ghosts.

Note: The episode is the first appearance of Clem Burton (Jade Alleyne)
2 "Toads" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 4 February 2015 (2015-02-04) 200,000
When Nero accidentally loses the school's pet toads, he manages to set of a chain of events that lead Dexter to quit his job as the detention monitor, so he and the gang stage a protest to get Dexter back and save the toads from ending up in a laboratory.
3 "Theatre" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 11 February 2015 (2015-02-11) 200,000
Dexter organizes a school theatre trip (mixed with music and science) to impress Lizzie, but nobody joins, so Nero, in order to see a rap star at the event, manages to convince Eli, Owen, Fleur, Eleesha, Clem, and others to join, but disaster strikes when Nero and the gang are given detention. Meanwhile, an anonymous student is spray-painting bad rumours about Miss Andress, who is on the search.
4 "Bike" Alex Jacob Mark Oswin 18 February 2015 (2015-02-18) 217,000
Nero receives a new bike as a present from his parents, but when he and Dexter are involved in the destruction of Clem's BMX, Clem retaliates by stealing Nero's bike. Meanwhile, Dexter's lottery ticket manages to cause him a mishap, while Eleesha learns how to ride a bike, with the help of Fleur and Elmsmere's new program of bike safety.
5 "Poem" Alex Jacob Mark Oswin 25 February 2015 (2015-02-25) 204,000
When Nero discovers Clem's secret book of angry poems, his attempts to return it to its usual location make matters worse when he is forced to read it at Elmsmere's school fair.
6 "Sick" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 4 March 2015 (2015-03-04) N/A
When Nero accidentally sleeps in at the last hour before the day his ICT project is due, he attempts to avoid detention by feigning illness, with help from Eli, Owen and Clem. Meanwhile, an actually ill Bell needs to mark his pupils' History exercise books, and Dexter fears that Lizzie may actually like Nunn romantically, so tries to manipulate Nunn into taking Lizzie on another date.
7 "Time Capsule" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 11 March 2015 (2015-03-11) N/A
After Dexter agrees to chaperone Nero at Elmsmere's parents' evening and assigns the gang more homework, Nero and the gang devise a plan to retaliate on Dexter by sabotaging parents' evening. Meanwhile, Nathan returns with his newborn son Moses to let Mel relax at home, but he reveals a secret about the missing and unknown Mr. Carter that leads to Josh, with Issac's help, attempting to find the crucial element that was handed to Nathan by their father.
8 "Netball" Tim Hopewell Madeleine Brettingham 18 March 2015 (2015-03-18) 233,000
After Bell assigns litter-pick duty as after-school detention, Nero persuades Andress to let netball club as detention, knowing little that Nunn is the coach, who manages to get Elmsmere playing against a Catholic school called St. Millicent's Convent. Meanwhile, Dexter, trying to impress Lizzie, agrees to replace Nunn as coach, and Fleur and Eleesha attempt to write a story for the school newspaper, with disastrous consequences.
9 "Mobile" Alex Jacob Mark Blakewill and James Harris 25 March 2015 (2015-03-25) N/A
When Nero discovers he is about to get an upcoming call from his overseas father, he accidentally manages to get his phone confiscated by Andress, and he and Dexter attempt to retrieve it, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Dexter competes with Nunn in a contest to find Lizzie's missing green pen, and Eleesha believes she has psychic powers.
10 "Party" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 1 April 2015 (2015-04-01) 249,000

When Nero is invited to popular Martin Thompson's party to act as DJ, he borrows Elmsmere's decks and accidentally destroys them, landing Martin in trouble. Meanwhile, Owen, Clem and Isobel Harlow (a recurring character who has appeared in Theatre, Poem and Netball) all run for the role of class president. Owen wins, although he finds that the job is completely futile. Fleur and Eleesha accidentally eat Nunn's doughnut holes, and must replace them in order to save themselves.

Note: This episode has the same name as the sixth episode of the first series.
11 "Science" Alex Jacob Gerard Foster 8 April 2015 (2015-04-08) TBA
When Nero tries to practice for his audition for a dance club, he inadvertently manages to get himself, Clem, Fleur and Eleesha into Dexter's recorder club while trying to acquire the music room for practice. Meanwhile, Eli causes chaos when he and Owen join Lizzie's lunchtime science club, and Clem attempts to rebel against Andress.
12 "Health and Safety" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 15 April 2015 (2015-04-15) TBA
After Nero and Eli manipulate Dexter to avoid cross-country for P.E. by helping clean the store room, Nero accidentally damages his leg, and retaliates to Dexter (who angrily berated him at the hospital for scattering the store room) by convincing him that the injury was major and he was the cause of it, leading to Elmsmere put on a health-and-safety background. Meanwhile, Owen becomes the assistant to the librarian and discovers a scouting book, and Clem, Fleur and Eleesha manipulate Eli into believing he was once a baby model.
13 "Runaway" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 22 April 2015 (2015-04-22) TBA

As the end of term approaches at Elmsmere, fearing copyright issues, Andress forces Dexter to cancel his musical Harry Potter parody (entitled Hip-Hop Harry Potter), replaced by a new musical entitled Hip-Hop Henry Porter, angering the pupils. To add more disappointment to the situation, Nero discovers his parents are unable to attend the musical, so, tired of being let down by them continuously, he runs away with Clem from Elmsmere to try and find them in Kuwait. Dexter soon discovers that Nero has run away, and enlists the help of Nathan, Josh, Ash, Agness and Zoe-Marie to find him. Meanwhile, Isaac discovers that Bell is the mystery "phantom sprayer" who has been graffiting insults about Andress all over Elmsmere (a running gag throughout the fourth series). To this, Bell fears he will be fired, so he resigns his job to work at a cafe. Dexter, Josh, Nathan and Bell find Nero and Clem, and return them to Elmsmere. Bell is praised for finding Nero, and is given his job back at Elmsmere. The episode then ends with Nero, Eli, Owen, Clem, Dexter and the gang rapping about how Nero was never alone (Never Alone) as placement for the musical.

Note: The series ended with a rap entitled Never Alone.

Guest stars: Khalil Madovi as Josh Carter, Doc Brown as Nathan Carter, Tom Rowlinson as Ash Newman, Sade Malone as Agness Addo and Ruby Morgan as Zoe-Marie Ingham

Series 5 (2016)[edit]

A fifth series of thirteen 30 minute episodes has been confirmed, with filming commencing in Summer 2015.[31]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Viewers
1 "Swimming[32]" January 2016 (2016-01)


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Geoff Ellis of Radio Times said: "Sibling rivalry is the big theme of this new comedy drama about brothers Nathan and Josh who go to the same school. Both of them are expert rappers, but the twist is that Nathan is a teacher and Josh is a pupil. While Josh dreams of making it in the music business, Nathan is determined to have his say and try to stop his young brother from making the same mistakes he did."[1]


Year Award Category Result
2012 Children's BAFTA Best Comedy Won
Best Children's Programme Won


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