32nd Aviation Division

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32nd Aviation Division
32. vazduhoplovna divizija
Active 1945–1959
Disbanded 1959
Country  Yugoslavia
Branch Yugoslav Air Force
Type Division
Size 3 regiments
HQ Pleso

The 32nd Aviation Division (Serbo-Croatian: 32. vazduhoplovna divizija/ 32. ваздухопловна дивизија) was a unit originally established in 1945 as the 4th Aviation Bomber Division (Serbo-Croatian: 4. vazduhoplovna bombarderska divizija / 4. ваздухопловна бомбардерска дивизија).


4th Aviation Bomber Division[edit]

The 4th Aviation Bomber Division was established by order from August 3, 1945, with headquarters at Sombor. The division was direct under the Command of Yugoslav Air Force. It consisted from 41st and 42nd Bomber Aviation Regiment.

In 1947 third regiment attached to this division, 43rd Bomber Aviation Regiment was established.

By the 1948 year this division was renamed like all other units of Yugoslav Army, so it has become 32nd Aviation Bomber Division (Serbo-Croatian: 32. vazduhoplovna bombarderska divizija/ 32. ваздухопловна бомбардерска дивизија).

The commanders of division in this period were Božo Lazarević and Sava Poljanec. Commissars were Radoje Ljubičić, Drago Vuković and Ljubiša Čerguz.[1]

32nd Aviation Division[edit]

The 32nd Aviation Bomber Division was formed by renaming of 4th Aviation Bomber Division in 1948. It suffered a changes in the organization. Division has moved from Sombor same year to Boronogaj and finally to Pleso in 1951 where it has stayed until it was disbanded.

In 1950 division was attached to 3rd Aviation Corps. It has relocated its headquarters from Zagreb to Cerklje. By 1957 it was renamed in to Aviation Fighter Division due the replace of bomber aircraft with domestic-made fighters.

It was disbanded by the order from June 27, 1959, year due the "Drvar" reorganization plan. It was transformed into 5th Air Command.

The commanders of division in this period were August Canjko, Radoslav Jović, Milan Tojagić and Stanislav Perhavec. Commissars were Ljubiša Čerguz, Ivan Dolničar and Novak Matijašević until 1953.[2]


Previous designations[edit]

  • 4th Aviation Bomber Division (1945–1948)
  • 32nd Aviation Bomber Division (1948–1957)
  • 32nd Aviation Fighter Division (1957–1959)





Commanding officers[edit]

  • Major General Božo Lazarević [3]
  • Colonel Sava Poljanec
  • Lieutenant-Colonel August Canjko [4]
  • Major General Radoslav Jović
  • Colonel Milan Tojagić
  • Colonel Stanislav Perhavec

Political commissars[edit]

  • Colonel Radoje Ljubičić
  • Colonel Drago Vuković
  • Colonel Ljubiša Čerguz
  • Colonel Ivan Dolničar
  • Colonel Novak Matijašević


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