4th Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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4th Corps
4th Corps of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina patch.jpg
4th Corps Patch
ActiveApril 1992
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
AllegianceArmy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
BranchRegular Army
TypeMotorized, Mountain and Infantry
RoleDefence of Mostar
Size35500–45500[citation needed]
ColorsGreen and yellow
EngagementsOperation Neretva '93
Siege of Mostar
Arif Pašalić
Sulejman Budaković "Tetak"
Ramiz Dreković
Mustafa Polutak
Arif Pašalić

The 4th Corps of the Bosnian army was one of five later seven corps formed in 1992.[1]

Operational Zone[edit]

The 4th Corps was mainly responsible for then Mostar, the headquarters of the 4th Corps, and the Mostar region, but also Livno, Tomislavgrad and Trebinje, Konjic, Prozor, Jablanica.[2]


  • 1st Commander: Colonel Arif Pašalić (until 6 Nov. 1993)
  • 2nd Commander: Sulejman Budaković
  • 3rd Commander: Brigade General Ramiz Dreković
  • 4th Commander: Brigade General Mustafa Polutak

4th Corps Units[edit]

  • 4th Muslim Liberation Brigade "Skorpioni" (Konjic)
    • Commander: Nezim Halilović "Muderris"
  • 19th East Herzegovina Light Brigade
  • 41st Mostar Brigade
    • Commander:

Arif Pašalić, Midhat Hujdur Hujka, Semir Drljević Lovac, Esad Humo

  • 42nd Mountain Brigade
  • 43rd Mountain Brigade (Konjic)
  • 44th Mountain Brigade (Jablanica)
  • 45th Mountain Brigade 'Neretvica' (Buturovic Polje, near Jablanica)
    • Commander: Haso Hakalović
  • 48th Mountain Brigade (Mostar)
  • 49th Mountain Brigade
  • 450th Light Infantry Brigade (Bjelimići)
  • Military Police Battalion (Mostar)
  • Independent Battalion (Prozor)
  • Independent Detachments


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