4th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)

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4th Frigate Squadron
ActiveJuly 1948 – August 2004
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Navy
FirstCaptain Ralph C. Medley
LastCaptain Mark Anderson

The 4th Frigate Squadron was an administrative unit of the Royal Navy from 1948 to 2004.

Operational history[edit]

During its existence, the squadron included Loch class, Whitby class, Rothesay class, Leander class, Type 21 and Type 23 frigates.

Ships of the squadron saw service in the Korean War, the Beira Patrol, the Cod Wars, the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, the Falklands War and the Second Gulf War.

In the 1970s Juno was one of the six Leanders used as the fictional "HMS Hero" for the BBC TV drama series Warship. All members of the crew were given Hero cap tallies for filming purposes.

The squadron disbanded in 2004.

Squadron commander[edit]


Commander Ship Dates
Captain Ralph C. Medley HMS Cardigan Bay July 1948-January 1950
Captain Walter L.M. Brown HMS Cardigan Bay January 1950-August 1951
Captain Hugh C.B. Coleridge HMS Cardigan Bay August 1951-February 1953
Captain Bryan C. Durant HMS Cardigan Bay February 1953-October 1954
Captain E. Nigel Pumphrey HMS Cardigan Bay October 1954-April 1956
Captain John R.G. Trechman HMS Eastbourne June 1959-January 1961
Captain John C. Cartwright HMS Plymouth January 1961-February 1963
Captain Edward L. Cook HMS Plymouth February–April 1963
Captain Edward R. Anson HMS Juno December 1974-May 1976
Captain Charles E.T. Baker HMS Cleopatra May 1976-January 1977
Captain John M. Webster HMS Cleopatra January 1977-November 1978
Captain John M. Tait HMS Cleopatra November 1978-March 1981
Captain Hugo M. White HMS Avenger March 1981-August 1982
Captain A. Peter Woodhead HMS Avenger August 1982-September 1983
Captain A. Bruce Richardson HMS Avenger September 1983-March 1985
Captain Christopher J.S. Craig HMS Avenger March 1985-September 1986
Captain Ian D.G. Garnett HMS Active September 1986-February 1988
Captain A. James G. Miller HMS Marlborough 1997-June 1999
Captain Anthony J. Rix HMS Marlborough June 1999-December 2000
Captain Duncan L. Potts HMS Marlborough December 2000-August 2002
Captain Mark Anderson HMS Marlborough August 2002 – 2004


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