4th Goya Awards

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4th Goya Awards
4th Goya Awards logo.jpg
Date March 10, 1990
Site Palacio de Congresos de Madrid
Hosted by Carmen Maura and Andrés Pajares
Best Film Twisted Obsession
Best Actor Jorge Sanz
If They Tell You I Fell
Best Actress Rafaela Aparicio
The Sea and the Weather
Most awards Twisted Obsession (6)
Most nominations Twisted Obsession and Esquilache (11)
Television coverage
Network TVE

The 4th Goya Awards were presented in Madrid, Spain on 10 March 1990.

Twisted Obsession won the award for Best Film.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Major award nominees[edit]

Best Film Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay Best Adapted Screenplay
Best New Director Best Animated Film
  • Ana Díez – Ander Eta Yul
    • Cristina Andreu – Brumal
    • Isabel CoixetToo Old to Die Young
    • Santiago and Teodoro Ríos – Guarapo
    • Xavier Villaverde – Continental
Best Spanish Language Foreign Film

Other award nominees[edit]

Best Cinematography Best Editing
Best Art Direction Best Production Supervision
Best Sound Best Special Effects
  • Montoyas y Tarantos – Antonio Bloch, Francisco Peramos and Manuel Cora
  • The Rift – Colin Arthur, Basilio Cortijo and Carlo De Marchis
Best Costume Design Best Makeup and Hairstyles
  • Moon Child – Montse Amenós and Isidre Prunés
    • The Dark Night of the Soul – Ana Alvargonzález
    • If They Tell You I Fell – Marcelo Grande
    • Montoyas y Tarrantos – Alfonso Barajas
    • The Things of Love – José María García Montes and María Luisa Zabala
  • Moon Child – José Antonio Sánchez and Paquita Núñez
  • The Sea and the Weather – Juan Pedro Hernández and Jesús Moncusi
    • Twisted Obsession – José Antonio Sánchez and Paquita Núñez
    • The Dark Night of the Soul – Romana González, José Antonio Sánchez, Mercedes Guillot and Josefa Morales
    • The Things of Love – Gregorio Ros and Jesús Moncusi
    • Montoyas y Tarantos – Romana González and Josefa Morales
    • If They Tell You I Fell – Chass Llach and Poli López
Best Original Score Best Short Film
  • El Reino de Víctor
    • El Número Marcado
    • Kilómetro Cero: La Partida

Honorary Goya[edit]

  • Victoriano López García

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