4th Hazara Pioneers

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4th Hazara Pioneers
هزاره پائیز
4th hazara.jpg
Active 1922 - 1932
Country India
Branch British Indian Army
Type Pioneer

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The 4th Hazara Pioneers (or Independent Pioneer Battalion[1]) was a regiment of the British Indian Army formed in 1922, when the Indian army moved from single battalion regiments to multi-battalion regiments; the 106th Hazara Pioneers became the 1st Battalion 4th Hazara Pioneers.[2] The 4th Hazara Pioneers were one of four Pioneer units in the 1922 reorganisation, including the 1st Madras Pioneers, 2nd Bombay Pioneers, and 3rd Sikh Pioneers.[3]

In 1929 the designation was changed to "The Hazara Pioneers"[4] and they were disbanded in 1932.

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