4th Military District (Australia)

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Coordinates: 34°56′46″S 138°34′55″E / 34.94609°S 138.58189°E / -34.94609; 138.58189

Australian military districts, October 1939

The 4th Military District was an administrative district of the Australian Army. During the Second World War, the 4th Military District covered all of South Australia, with its headquarters at Adelaide.

Units during Second World War[edit]


  • 4th Military District Headquarters – Adelaide

6th Cavalry Brigade[edit]

3rd Infantry Brigade[edit]

13th Field Brigade[edit]

  • Headquarters – Adelaide
  • 49th Field Battery – Adelaide
  • 50th Field Battery – Prospect
  • 113th (Heavy) Field Battery – Kilkenny
  • 48th Field Battery (Attached) – Keswick

Other units[edit]

  • 10th Heavy Battery, RAA (PF) – Fort Largs
  • 110th Heavy Battery, RAA (M) – Fort Largs
  • Detachment, RAE (PF) – Keswick
  • 20th Heavy Battery, RAA (PF) – Fort Largs
  • 120th Heavy Battery, RAA (M) – Fort Largs
  • 3rd Troop, 2nd Field Squadron, RAE – Keswick
  • 3rd Field Company, RAE – Keswick


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