4th Ukrainian Front

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4th Ukrainian Front
4ty ukraiński.jpg
The Front's banner in a Moscow museum
Active 1943–45
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army flag.svg Red Army
Type Army group
Role Co-ordination and conduct of Red Army Operations in Ukraine and South-Eastern Europe
Size 2 Armies

World War II

The 4th Ukrainian Front (Ukrainian: Четве́ртий Украї́нський фронт Četvértyj Ukraḯns’kyj front) was a front (a roughly army group-sized formation) of the Red Army during World War II. It was formed on October 20, 1943, by renaming the Southern Front.

The front's first operations were the Lower Dnieper Strategic Offensive Operation and the Kiev Strategic Offensive and Kiev Strategic Defensive operations. In early 1944, after an amphibious landing against the German-held Crimea, begun the Crimean Strategic Offensive Operation in which 4UF, including 2nd Guards Army, 51st Army and the Separate Coastal Army destroyed the 17th Army which was holding out there. 5th Shock Army and 28th Army were also part of the Front at the time, but do not appear from U.S. military maps to have actually taken part in the battle.

18th Army also served with the front in 1944 and 1945.

On 25 August 1945 the front was disbanded and elements incorporated into the Carpathian Military District.

Order of Battle, 4th Ukrainian Front on 1 April 1944[1][edit]

  • Units subordinated to the Front:
    • 35th Tank-destroyer Artillery Brigade, 530th Tank-Destroyer Artillery Regiment, 4th Guards Mortar Brigade (13th, 30th, 31st Guards Mortar Regiment), 2nd, 4th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 67th Guards Mortar Regiments, 270th guards AA Artillery Regiment (from 18th AA Artillery Division), 1069th AA Artillery Regiment (from 2nd Division), 1485th AA Artillery Regiment
    • 19th Tank Corps (79th, 101st, 202nd Tank Brigades, 26th Motorized Rifle Brigade, 867th, 875th SP Artillery Regiments, 91st Motorcycle Battalion, 1511th Tank-Destroyer Artillery Regiment, 179th Mortar Regiment, 1717th AA Artillery Regiment)
        • 6th Guards Tank Brigade, 52nd Motorcycle Regiment, 5th Separate Armored Car Battalion, 46th and 54th Separate
          Armored Train Battalions
    • 7th Engineer-Sapper Brigade, 2nd Pontoon-Bridge Brigade, 3rd Guards, 65th, 240th Separate Engineer Battalions, 17th Guards Mine Battalion, 102nd Pontoon-Bridge Battalion (from 5th Pontoon-Bridge Brigade)
  • 2nd Guards Army
  • 51st Army:
    • 1st Guards Rifle Corps (33rd Guards, 91st, 346th RD),
    • 10th Rifle Corps (216th, 357th, 279th Rifle Divisions),
    • 63rd Rifle Corps (263rd, 267th, 417th Rifle Divisions)
    • Independent (Army) units: 6th Guards Gun Artillery Brigade (from 2nd Guards Breakthrough Artillery Division), 105th High Impact Howitzer Artillery Brigade (from 7th Breakthrough Artillery Division), 647th, 1105th Gun Artillery Regiments, 85th Guards, 1231st Howitzer Artillery Regiment, 207th Guards Howitzer Artillery Regiment (from 5th Guards Howitzer Artillery Brigade), 5th Guards, 15th, 21st Tank-destroyer Artillery Brigades, 764th 1246th Tank-destroyer Artillery Regiment, 19th Mortar Brigade, 125th Mortar Regiment.
    • Anti-Aircraft Artillery forces
      • 2nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (1086th, 1113th, 1117th AA Artillery Regiment)
      • 15th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (281st, 342nd, 723rd, 1264th AA Artillery Regiments)
      • 18th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (160th and 166th Guards, 297th AA Artillery Regiments)
        77th Guards Artillery Regiment
      • 32nd Guards Tank Brigade, 22nd Guards Separate Tank Regiment, 30th and 33rd Separate Armored Train Battalions
      • 12th Assault Engineer Brigade, 63rd Engineer-Sapper Brigade, 5th Guards, 1504 Separate Engineer Battalions, 275th Separate Sapper Battalion

Sources and references[edit]

  1. ^ The OOB is taken from "The combat composition of Soviet Army" handbook