5-10-15 Hours

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"5-10-15 Hours"
Song by Ruth Brown
Released 1952 (1952)
Genre R&B
Songwriter(s) Rudy Toombs

"5-10-15 Hours" is a rhythm-and-blues song written by Rudy Toombs in 1952 for Ruth Brown and was one of several number-one R&B hits he wrote for her.[1] Her recording is smooth, sophisticated blues shouting at its best, has a touch of suppliance more characteristic of the vocal qualities of popular singers than of the blues. The recording features a tenor sax solo by Willis Jackson.[2]

When Brown was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, her induction said that "her best work was to be found on such red-hot mid-Fifties R&B sides as '5-10-15 Hours'".[3]


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Preceded by
"Booted" by Roscoe Gordon
Billboard Best Selling Retail Rhythm & Blues Records number-one single
May 3, 1952 - June 7, 1952
Succeeded by
"Have Mercy Baby" by The Dominoes