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Leader Gennady Balashov
Founded 20 March 2014[1]
Headquarters Kiev
Membership 1,500
Ideology Libertarianism
Political position Right-wing
Slogan "State, go out of the economy!"[3]
Seats in Verkhovna Rada
0 / 450

5.10 is a Ukrainian political party, registered on 20 March 2014. The main idea of Gennady Balashov and his libertarian party is a radical reform of the taxation of Ukraine: full abolition of the current system and introduction of a single tax system – 5% sales tax and 10% payroll tax. The main objective of the party is to tackle poverty and governmental control in Ukraine.

In the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election the party failed to win seats, garnering 67,124 votes.[4]


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