5.6×61mm VHSE

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5.6×61mm SE
Type Rifle
Place of origin  Germany
Production history
Manufacturer Only commercially through Walter Gehmann, Karlsruhe as of 2007
Produced 1937
Parent case 6.5×55mm Swedish
Bullet diameter .228 in (5.8 mm)

The 5.6×61mm SE, an abbreviated form of its full designation, the 5.6×61mm [Vom Hofe] Super Express, is a rifle cartridge introduced in Germany in 1937. It is based on the 6.5×55mm Swedish.

The '5.6×61mm SE' uses a .228-in diameter bullet (as also does the .22 Savage Hi-Power, unlike the more common .224-in bullets used for most .22 centrefire cartridges.

5.6×61mm VHSE ammunition is still available (2007) from Walter Gehmann, Karlsruhe, Germany. No mass-produced rifles are currently offered in this chambering, but custom rifle makers will chamber for it; and the calibre has a loyal if specialised following, especially among handloading long-range hunters of roe deer and chamois, although the cartridge has accounted for very much larger deer and antelope.