5000 yen note

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5,000 Yen
Value 5,000 Yen
Width 156 mm
Height 76 mm
Security features Hologram, Intaglio printing, Latent image, Luminescent ink, Microprinting, Pearl ink, Tactile marks, Watermark, Watermark-Bar pattern, EURion constellation
Years of printing 1957, 1984, 2004 (Black serial numbers), 2014 (Brown serial numbers)[1][2]
Series E 5K Yen Bank of japan note - front.jpg
Design portrait of Ichiyo Higuchi
Series E 5K Yen Bank of japan note - back.jpg
Design "Kakitsubata-zu" (painting of irises), Work of Korin Ogata

The front side of the note includes a portrait of Ichiyo Higuchi, a Meiji era writer and poet. The reverse side depicts "Kakitsubata Flowers", from a folding screen by Korin Ogata.[3]

Extensive anti-counterfeiting measures are present in the banknote. They include intaglio printing, holograms, microprinting, fluorescent ink, latent images, watermarks, and angle-sensitive ink.[4]


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