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500 Startups
Venture Capital Firm
Headquarters Mountain View, California
Number of locations

Mountain View, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA

London, UK

Seoul, S. Korea

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Key people

David McClure (Founding Partner)

Christine Tsai (Founding Partner)

Khailee Ng (Managing Partner)

Bedy Yang (Managing Partner)
Website http://500.co

500 Startups is an early-stage venture firm and accelerator founded by Dave McClure[1][2] and Christine Tsai.[3]

500 Startups is a seed accelerator and related investment fund McClure founded in 2010.[4] The fund admitted a first "class" of twelve startups to its incubator office in Mountain View, California in February, 2011.[5] They expanded to a second class of 21 in June 2011 and a third class of 34 in October 2011.[6][7]

As of August 1, 2015, 500 Startups had invested in over 1,200 companies,[8] including Punchd,[9] Console.FM,[10] CoContest,[11] Safe Shepherd,[12] Markerly, idreambooks, Fileboard, myGengo, Artsicle, ChinaNetCloud,[13] Cucumbertown[14] Visual.ly, E la Carte, Canva,[15][16] Udemy,[17][18][19][20] 24/7 Techies.[21][22][23] ZipMatch,[24][25] and RidePal.[26] Of current investments, more than 20% have participated in other incubators, 20-30% are international, and over 60 have been acquired.[27] Some of their successful active companies are CreditKarma,[28] Twilio,[28] GrabTaxi,[28] TalkDesk,[28] and Intercom.io.[28] To date, their biggest exits include $403M acquisition of Makerbot by Stratasys,[29] $350M acquisition of Wildfire by Google,[30] $200M acquisition of Viki by Rakuten,[31] and $117M acquisition of Simple by BBVA.[32]

In 2012, the organization acquired Mexican.VC, an accelerator in Mexico City, expecting to ramp up its investment in Mexico substantially. Through its investment in Alta Ventures, 500 Startups planned have better access to deal-flow in this region.[33]

500 Startups has locations in Silicon Valley, Mexico City and San Francisco.[34] In 2015, they announced they would be starting a three month growth program in London, UK[35] as well as a pre-accelerator in Oslo, Norway.[36]

Regional and Vertical Focused Funds[edit]

500 Startups has several funds focused on different international regions or operational verticals.


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