506 Carlton

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506 Carlton
CLRV 4059 Glamour Shot.jpg
CLRV #4059 heads north on Main Street
towards the eastern terminus
Type Streetcar Route
Locale Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Termini Main Street Station (East)
High Park Loop (West)
Stations TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg College,
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg Queen's Park,
TTC - Line 2 - Bloor-Danforth line.svg Main Street
Daily ridership 39,601 (2014)[1]
Operator(s) Toronto Transit Commission
Depot(s) Russell, Roncesvalles[2]
Rolling stock CLRV
Line length 14.815 km (9.21 mi) [2]
Track gauge 4 ft 10 78 in (1,495 mm) - TTC Gauge
Electrification 600 VDC Overhead
Route number 506
Main Street Station, pictured above, is the eastern terminus of the 506 Carlton.
CLRV #4100 is seen departing High Park Loop, the western terminus of the 506 Carlton car.

The 506 Carlton (occasionally known as the College streetcar) a streetcar line run by the Toronto Transit Commission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A part of the Toronto streetcar system, it runs from Main Street Station to High Park. Despite the route's name, less than 10% of its length actually uses Carlton Street.

The Carlton line runs from the eastern terminus of Main Street Station, initially heading south on Main to Gerrard Street East. It then turns west onto Gerrard St. E. and runs to Parliament Street where it turns north to Carlton Street. The streetcar goes west on Carlton, which turns into College Street at Yonge Street. There, it passes College subway station. Continuing west, it passes Queen's Park subway station as it makes its way to the end of College Street at Dundas Street West. It then runs west on Dundas Street West to Howard Park Avenue, which it follows into its western terminus in High Park.

On a daily basis, some eastbound cars may short turn at Coxwell Avenue, and head southbound to loop at Queen Street East and Coxwell Avenue.

Night service[edit]

Streetcar service is provided 24 hours per day on most portions of the route. The late night trips operate as the 306 Carlton, which runs along the same route from the eastern terminus of Main Street Station to Dundas Street West. From there, it continues west along Dundas Street West to Dundas West Station, skipping Howard Park Avenue.

Sites along the line (from east to west)[edit]


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