508 Lake Shore

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508 Lake Shore
TTC 4159 on Church Street.JPG
Type Streetcar Route
Locale Toronto, Ontario
Termini Long Branch Loop to Parliament St. (a.m.)
Church St. to Long Branch Loop (p.m.)
Stations TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg St. Andrew
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg King
Operator(s) Toronto Transit Commission
Depot(s) Roncesvalles[1]
Rolling stock CLRV, ALRV
Line length 9.4 km (5.84 mi)[1]
Track gauge 4 ft 10 78 in (1,495 mm) - TTC Gauge
Electrification 600 VDC Overhead
Route number 508
Route map

Transfer stop
Sunday-only stop
Connection  00  Terminus  00 

Long Branch GO Station
GO Transit logo.svg Lakeshore West logo.png
Long Branch Loop
BSicon BUS1.svg  110A/110B   123B/123C  BSicon CLRV.svg  508 
MiWay: BSicon BUS1.svg  5/5B   23 
Browns Line/39th Street ↑
BSicon BUS1.svg  110A   123B/C 
37th Street
Long Branch Avenue
↓ 31st Street/30th Street ↑
↓ 28th Street/29th Street ↑
↓ 27th Street/26th Street ↑
22nd Street
Kipling Avenue
BSicon BUS1.svg  44 
15th Street
13th Street
10th Street
Islington Avenue (7th Street)
BSicon BUS1.svg  110C 
5th Street
3rd Street
1st Street
Royal York Road
BSicon BUS1.svg  76A 
Lake Crescent
↓ Miles Road/Symons Street ↑
Douglas Boulevard
↓ Norris Crescent/Hillside Avenue ↑
Summerhill Road
Mimico Avenue
BSicon BUS1.svg  76A 
Superior Avenue
Burlington Street
Louisa Street
Legion Road
↓ Marine Parade Drive/Park Lawn Road ↑
BSicon BUS1.svg  66B   145 
2155 Lake Shore Boulevard West
2095 Lake Shore Boulevard West
Gardiner Expressway
CN Oakville sub.
Humber Loop
BSicon BUS1.svg  66A 
The Queensway
South Kingsway
Windermere Avenue
BSicon BUS1.svg  77 
Ellis Avenue
Colborne Lodge Drive
Parkside Drive
BSicon BUS1.svg  80A 
Glendale Avenue
Sunnyside Avenue
Sunnyside Loop
The Queensway
Queen Street West
Roncesvalles Carhouse
Roncesvalles Avenue
BSicon CLRV.svg  501   504 
Queen Street West: 501 to downtown
Wilson Park Road
Jameson Avenue
Dunn Avenue
Cowan Avenue
Spencer Avenue
Dufferin Street
BSicon BUS1.svg  29 
Fraser Avenue
Joe Shuster Way
Atlantic Avenue
CN Weston sub. & CP MacTier sub.
Sudbury Street
Shaw Street
BSicon BUS1.svg  63 
Strachan Avenue
BSicon BUS1.svg  63 
Niagara Street
Tecumseth Street
Bathurst Street
BSicon BUS1.svg  145  BSicon CLRV.svg  511 
Portland Street
Brant Street
Spadina Avenue
BSicon CLRV.svg  510 
↓ Blue Jays Way/Peter Street ↑
John Street
Simcoe Street
St. Andrew Station
BSicon BUS1.svg  142  TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
York Street
Bay Street
BSicon BUS1.svg  6   6A 
King Station
BSicon BUS1.svg  97B  TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
Victoria Street
Church Street
Church Street
King Street
BSicon CLRV.svg  521 
Adelaide Street
Richmond Street
Queen Street East
BSicon CLRV.svg  501   502 
Jarvis Street
Sherbourne Street
BSicon BUS1.svg  75 
Ontario Street
Parliament Street
BSicon BUS1.svg  65 
King Street
BSicon CLRV.svg  503   504 

The 508 Lake Shore was an east-west streetcar route in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, operated by the Toronto Transit Commission from 1995 to 2015. The route served the downtown financial district from the western limit of the city, and operated as a weekday rush hour service only.

The route shared much of its track with the 501 Queen and 504 King routes, following in the path of the 501 from the Long Branch Loop along Lake Shore Boulevard West and The Queensway as far as Roncesvalles Avenue, where it turned from Queen Street on to 504 King Street tracks. The route terminated at Parliament St in the morning, and originated at Church Street in the afternoon.[2]

On January 6, 1992, the route began as an experiment to test how attractive it would be to riders. The TTC scheduled 3 runs for each of the morning and afternoon rush hours, signing eastbound streetcars as 504 PARLIAMENT and westbound as 507 LONG BRANCH. By February 1994, the experiment was deemed a success and additional afternoon rush-hour trips were added. On Sunday, March 26, 1995, the same date when route 507 Long Branch was merged into 501 Queen, the route received its 508 number, but rollsigns would not be updated until about 1999.[3]

At the time of its cancellation, there were only three eastbound trips during the morning rush hour, and no service in the afternoon. Prior to January 2015 there were also four westbound trips in the afternoon rush hour.

Due to the streetcar shortage caused by the delayed deliveries of Bombardier Flexity Outlook streetcars, the route ceased operations entirely after the morning rush on June 19, 2015. As a result, streetcar service on Lake Shore Boulevard is now operated exclusively by the 501 Queen streetcar, while service on King street is operated by the 504 King streetcar.[4]

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