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Genres Rap
Members Dexter

509-E was a Brazilian rap group formed by Dexter and Afro-X when they were incarcerated in Carandiru Penitentiary. The group dissolved in 2003 when the musicians decided to follow solo careers.


The group emerged in the Carandiru prison: Dexter and Afro-X shared the same cell, and both had the gift of writing raps. Soon after the launch of the first song on the 509-E, "powder keg" great success and the two artists began to produce new music.[1] In 2000, they released their debut album,Proverbs 13, with special guests of Mano Brown, Edy Rock, MV Bill and DJ Hum. The highlight of the CD was the track "Eighth Angel", sung by Dexter.

The group was at its peak, when things started getting worse. Convened by a discussion on Rede Globo, the pair were targeted by authorities for speaking things strong. They became enemies of the police, especially after the rebellion that resulted in the extinction of the Carandiru. After this episode, the group was banned from playing shows in the street.[2] After a time, Afro-X won the Freedom 509-E released his second and last work,LL DC (2002 after Christ).[2] The two members began to fall out and the group ended in 2003.

About the end of the group, the rapper said the following Dexter:[2]

The 509-E over a number of reasons. A group of RAP is like a church, from the moment you do not agree with that doctrine and that bothers you, change your church, but their God will remain the same and is within your heart. You will not change the board, but its essence will remain the same. After the Afro-X was the street, some things have changed and of course we move away from each other. He went on to talk about things that were living in the moment, which is natural. And I kept talking about the same things we had talked about the other discs, however, another way, of course. Ideologically speaking, we have drifted too, the cheap began to bother me and I opted for the end of the group.

Currently, Dexter follows a solo career and has released four albums, Afro-X remained a time in rap, moved away and came back again, became nationally known for married Simony,[3] and is currently an educator.[4]

In 2009, it released a documentary about the 509-E, called Between Light and Shadow, directed by Luciana Burlamaqui. It investigates violence in Brazil from the formation of Dexter and Afro-X in the Carandiru.[5][6] Released in theaters on November 27, 2009 in November 14 received first prize: won 4 ª Mostra Cinema and Human Rights in South America [7]



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