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===Episode 10: Crush Your Competition===
===Episode 10: Crush Your Competition===

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50 Cents The Money and The Power
Created by 50 Cent
Starring 50 Cent
Country of origin  United States
Running time 60 minutes
Original network MTV, currently MTV2
Original release November 6th, 2008
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50 Cent: The Money and the Power is a scrapped reality show[1] that initially premiered November 6, 2008 on MTV and is now regularly aired on MTV2. The show was hosted by 50 Cent and follows the same mold as the The Apprentice. [2] It was meant to serve as a "visual companion" to 50 Cent's book The 50th Law, which he co-wrote with Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power.[3][4][5]


The show follows 14 aspiring rap moguls through challenges issued by 50 Cent, with the winner receiving a $100,000 investment from 50 Cent to start his or her own business venture.[6] A panel including G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks will judge the contestants, along with guests such as LL Cool J, DJ Whoo Kid, Miss Info, and former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day.


Place Contestant Teams (Ep 1-3) Teams (Ep 4) Teams (Ep 5-6) Teams (Ep 7) Teams (Ep 8)
14th Joanna Team Money
13th Nathan Team Power
12th Nima Team Money
11th Precious Team Money
10th Rebecca Team Power Team Money
9th Dajuan Team Power Team Money
8th Jennifer Team Money Team Power Team Power
7th Musso Team Power Team Power Team Power
6th Nikki Team Money Team Money Team Money Team Money
5th Derrick Team Power Team Power Team Money Team Money Team Power
N/A Ryan Team Power Team Power Team Power Team Power Team Power
N/A Meghan Team Power Team Power Team Power Team Power Team Power
N/A Larry Team Money Team Money Team Money Team Money Team Money
N/A Cornbreadd Team Money Team Money Team Money Team Power Team Money

Bosses and Underbosses

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Team Money Joanna Nikki Precious Dajuan Cornbreadd Larry Nikki Larry
Team Power Ryan Derrick Musso Musso Jennifer Meghan Meghan Meghan

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Team Money ------ Larry Nikki Larry Nikki Derrick ------ ------
Team Power ------ Mehgan Dajuan Derrick Ryan Ryan ------ ------

Contestant Progress

50 Cent's Assessments
Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Nathan WIN OUT1
Joanna OUT
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant was told that they were in risk, but ended up being safe from the chopping block.
     The contestant was in risk of being eliminated, and was on the losing team.
     The contestant was in risk of being eliminated, and was on the winning team.
     The contestant won the challenge, and was not in risk or eliminated.
     The contestant lost the challenge, but was not in risk or eliminated.
     The contestant left the game towards other reasons rather than being put in the chopping block.
     The contestant voluntarily left the competition.

^1 In Episode 2, Nathan won the challenge, and was eliminated because 50 Cent said Nathan was in the game for the wrong reasons.

^2 The Teams were changed in Episode 4 and Dajuan was named boss of Team Money, and Jennifer and Rebecca switched teams.

^3 In Episode 4, Rebecca lost the challenge, and left the game because she felt she didn't need to be there.

^4 In Episode 7, Musso was sent home for losing his drive.


Episode 1: Choose Your Crew Wisely

Airdate: November 6, 2008

50 Cent sought out 14 contestants from around the country who were at same position 50 was at few years ago. 50 Cent and Tony Yayo met the contestants at Roosevelt Island, explaining the rules of the show as well as the first challenge. Joanna and Ryan were selected as "bosses" for Team Money and Team Power respectively. Their first challenge was to race to Camp Curtis in Brooklyn. The first team there are the winners. The only thing different is that the team members were to be chained together, except for the bosses. Both teams struggled to find the address, but Team Power made it first. Eventually Team Money came in, completely drenched from the rain. 50 stated that since Team Power won, Ryan is safe from elimination and the whole team will have dinner with 50. Since Team Money lost, Joanna is risked for elimination and Team Money is to followed Yayo to make the beds for themselves, as well as for the other teammates. The next morning, the wall post stated that since Ryan won, he can pick 2 other contestants to join Joanna for elimination. Later, a fight ensued between Precious and Dejuan and Nikki. During the fight Precious made the racist comment "do my nails, bitch" to Nikki. Even though the entire cast seemed to be upset by her statement, 50 did not seem to be too bothered as he did nothing about it, but he alluded to her comment. During elimination, Ryan picked Larry and Precious up for elimination. 50 asked Yayo who he should "terminate on sight". Yayo advised that all three should go home, Precious having an attitude problem, Larry for "outshining the boss", and Joanna for not being a strong leader. In the end, 50 eliminated Joanna for weak leadership skills.

  • Bottom three: Joanna, Larry, & Precious

Eliminated: Joanna for having weak leadership

Episode 2: Turn S... Into Sugar

Airdate: November 13, 2008

In the episode the cast wakes up to the sound of a loud horn 6am at Camp Curtis. After a long, grueling mission everyone was tired and just wanted to go back to sleep but they knew that they had get up to win that 100,000 prize. 50's lesson number two: turns s... into sugar. Team Money and Team Powers report to their war rooms and have fifteen minutes to choose one new boss and one new underboss. The number one rule is that you can't vote for yourself. Afterwards, the two teams get ready for a "hot and steamy" challenge. Cornbreadd and the others want Nikki to be the boss of Team Money, and Nikki chooses Larry to be the underboss. While on Team Power everyone wanted Derek to be boss and he choose Mehgan to be the underboss. Growing up 50 had to hustle for everything and that hustling mentality is why he lives the way he lives right now. The two teams come to Cedar Lane Stables in Queens, NY. Their mission was to move horse manure to a scale. Whichever team has the most manure on the scale wins. Team Money's strategy was to work together and work as an assembly line. Team Power's strategy was for two people to scoop, two people to run, and a few people to put the manure on the scale. The weakest link on team power was Nathan. He wasn't being a team player and was afraid of getting his clothes dirty. Team Power had won with a total of 744 lbs of manure, while Team Money had 596 lbs. The winners later get pampered at Camp Curtis with a sweet spa massage. They enjoy their facials, pedicures and brain massages while the losing team loads manure into a truck. Later on in the night Nathan was acting goofy and cracking jokes calling 50 Curtis Johnson, but when 50 walked in the room everyone's heart dropped and all eyes were on him. 50 asked as Nathan and Mehgan to come into his office and asked Nathan to explain himself. 50 was furious when Nathan didn't know two of 50's songs he rapped. In a professional way 50 dropped Nathan because he clearly wasn't here for business. At elimination, 50 calls out the boss and underboss of the losing team, Nikki and Larry. He asks Derrik to choose a player from Team Money for elimination. He chooses Nima because he's sneaky and wants to manipulate everyone. 50 called him a bootleg Bobby Dinerro because of his ways of coning people. 50 drops Nima from the game because he can't be trusted with his money. The boss and underboss are saved now but will they have a chance to redeem themselves next week? Will the contestants step up their game or crack under pressure and lose the chance for The Money and The Power?

Eliminated: Nathan and Nima

  • Bottom 3: Nikki, Larry, and Nima
  • Nima: He stirred up too much drama and was there to make enemies. He was more interested in "stirring up the drama than getting 50's money" He acted like a bootleg Bobby Deniro. He makes bad situations worse, and that's counterproductive.
  • Nathan: He was not there for 50 and did not show commitment. Nathan was goofing around and called 50 "Curtis Johnson." 50 saw all of this and took Nathan up into his office to have a chat. Nathan then was asked to name two songs by 50 and he could only name Straight To The Bank. (Note: Nathan was eliminated before the elimination round)

Episode 3: Truth Equals Money

Airdate: November 20, 2008

50's third lesson: Truth is Money. The truth is the shortest distance to the money and being dishonest is going to ruin your career. At the break of dawn before everyone gets up the first person 50 sees when arriving at Camp Curtis is Cornbreadd. 50 wants to get to know him a little better so he sits down and asks a question that's been on his mind why his name is Cornbreadd. When the others wake up, they decide to make themselves a nice big breakfast. Cornbreadd returns and bangs a beat on the fridge and starts rapping about pancakes while everyone is feeling the beat and enjoying their meal. Over the loudspeaker, 50 order the two teams to return to the war room where they will choose the new boss and underboss. Team Power chooses Musso as boss and DaJuan as underboss as Team Money chooses Precious to be the boss, and Nikki to be the underboss. The bosses in each team must choose a person in the crew to be a rapper and one rule is that bosses can't be rappers. The challenge for the two teams is that they both must present a brand strategy for their rapper. The teams will be judged on clarity of thought, showmanship and marketability of the brand. Team money chooses Cornbreadd because of his musical talents as a rapper, while Mehgan is chosen for Team Power's rapper. After a long day of planning their strategies, the two teams were given a chance to finally go out and party. The members of Team Power were skeptical that night about their buzzed boss Musso. They were afraid that he would get to wild and not be on top of his game, but the next day he pulled through and stayed focused. The two teams head over to a club and they meet the judges who will critique them. The judges are radio personal Miss Info, DJ Whookid, Yayo and 50 himself. Team power was the first to go up on stage and impressed the judges and audience with their song "Txt Me." The next group to step up on stage was Team Money. The judges were confused on what Precious was trying to say about how they would maximize profit potential. Miss Info said that they used words they thought they understand, and didn't really know what they meant. The judges come to a conclusion congratulates Team Power the winners of the challenge. Afterwards, everyone on Team Money became angry and blamed Precious because of their loss. Team Money starts cleaning up the club, while the winning team sits back at Camp Curtis sipping on Champagne. Later, as 50 walks into Camp Curtis he asks Musso to come to his office. 50 asks who Musso who is he going to choose for elimination. Musso decides on either Rebecca or Larry. At elimination, Musso picks Larry for elimination. The losing boss and underboss from Team Money come up, but 50 says that Nikki was the only one on her team that made sense, so he switches her with Cornbreadd. Precious, Cornbreadd, and Larry are all nervously standing and anticipating who 50 will drop. The moment has come and 50 decides to drop Precious. Precious is eliminated in this episode.

  • Bottom Three: Larry,Nikki, Precious
  • Eliminated: Precious, for harming her team instead of helping them.

Episode 4: Respect the Hustle

Airdate: December 4, 2008

Dajuan & Musso travel to 50 Cent's Connecticut mansion to get various items. Dajuan was switched to Team Money and promoted as boss himself. The challenge was to sell items for strange acts. Then it was time for the teams to regroup. Jenn was traded for Rebecca from Team Money to Team Power, respectively. The most trades done wins the challenge at Coney's Island. Team Power had 17 trades, while Team Money has 15 trades, leaving Power the victor. Team Power and Tony Yayo get to spend the day having fun at Coney's Island, while Team Money had to wash cars for punishment. Rebecca was upset about leather fur seats in a car and decided to quit the show, infuriating her team and Yayo. Rebecca then leaves and quits the game because she felt she was being misunderstood. Later, 50 pulled Jenn for a one-on-one conversation, but she didn't notice that the whole conversation was aired on the intercom. Dajuan and Larry were up for elimination and Musso chose Cornbreadd to be put up. 50 decided to send Cornbreadd back off the chopping block, leaving Dajuan and Larry. Larry strongly defended himself, leaving Dajuan eliminated.

  • Bottom Three: Dajuan, Larry, & Cornbreadd
  • Eliminated:
    • Rebecca quits and sends herself home.
    • Dajuan, for not following 50's first rule: "Choose Your Crew Wisely".

Episode 5: The Hustler's Eye

Airdate: December 12, 2008 50 Cent is all about having the Hustler's eye, and he wants to make sure that whichever contestant getting his money will have this skill. He wakes the contestants up for a blackmail, instructing them to take on the personality of another contestant. He reasons this will help them see things for what they really are, not only in business, but in each other, even if they're people they hate. Most of the contestants have fun with it, but some cross the line and take the teasing a little too far. After the games are over, 50 has another surprise: Team Power has to send one of their teammates over to Team Money to even out their bad-luck losing streak. Without hesitation, Derrick volunteers to switch teams, thinking this is a great opportunity to prove himself. Team Money is ecstatic when Derrick walks into their war room, and immediately start strategizing how to win the next challenge. With their only clue being a hard-hat on the table, the team chooses Cornbreadd as their boss. Team Power, on the other hand, lets the loss of Derrick bring down their team spirits, and they let Jenn be the boss, although they all know it's probably not such a good idea. While the teams are strategizing, 50 Cent brings a special guest, Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane, to Camp Curtis for a visit. The guys are all speechless, and determined to impress Aubrey as she watches their next challenge. 50 calls the challenge 50 by 50, where each team must assemble a huge, 50-piece billboard puzzle. One puzzle is a picture of 50, the other a picture of Aubrey. The catch is, the boss can't touch the pieces. As soon as 50 gives the signal to start, Cornbreadd steps into his roll as boss, and commands his team with authority and efficiency. Jenn, on the other hand, seems completely lost, and her teammates become confused and disobedient. Team Money quickly pulls ahead, and finally achieves their first-time victory in a challenge. 50 rewards the winners with an afternoon of playing pool with him and Aubrey. The losers are sent out to pick up dinner for 50 and Team Money. 50 warns them that if they're not back in 30 minutes, their entire team will be up for elimination. Team Power hops in a waiting car, and finds waiter outfits for them to put on. They quickly change in the car, pick up the bags of food, and run out the door. Unfortunately, the truck that took them there had already driven off without them. Not seeing any other option, they take off running for Camp Curtis on foot. But Team Power's bad luck is still in full swing, and as they get to the bridge, they realize it has been pulled up for a passing boat, and is impossible to cross. With only five minutes left to bring the food back to 50, Team Power's only option is to wait by the bridge as the minutes tick away. Meanwhile, back at Camp Curtis, 50 is getting impatient, especially when Aubrey has to leave for a show without eating. Finally, the bridge comes down, and Team Power sprints the remaining blocks back to Camp Curtis. Unfortunately, an irritated and hungry 50 Cent does not accept team Power's excuse that the Polaski Bridge was up. Although Team Power thinks they are right on time, 50 tells them they're unacceptably late. He says in his eyes, they've lost twice, and they'll all be up for elimination. As winning boss of Team Money, Cornbreadd is given the responsibility of choosing one member of Team Power to save from elimination. As Team Money feasts on filet mignon, Team Power retreats to the kitchen, where they snack on bologna sandwiches and wonder who will be saved by Cornbreadd, and who 50 will send home. Cornbreadd talks to each member of Team Power, trying to decide who he should save. At elimination, 50 calls Team Power front and center. Before asking who Cornbreadd chose for immunity, 50 tells Mehgan she's done a great job so far, and she's safe. After Mehgan sits down, Cornbreadd reveals that he's giving the blessing of immunity to Ryan. 50 expresses his disappointment, saying that if it was up to him, Ryan would be going home tonight. Now it's down to either Musso or Jenn. After almost every contestant tells 50 that Musso should go home, 50 decides to give Musso a chance to talk. Musso explains that everyone is going against him because it's a competition. After hearing what Musso had to say, 50 tells Jenn she was a 'whack' boss, and sends her home. 50 warns Musso to fix the mess he's created, then warns the rest of the contestants to make sure they've got their business plans ready to sell at any moment. If anyone slips up, at any time, they'll be going home.

  • Up for Elimination: Jen, Ryan, Musso, Meghan, but 50 allowed Meghan to sit back down, and Cornbreadd saved Ryan from elimination
  • Eliminated: Jen for showing weak leadership skills.

Episode 6: Use Your Cents to Make Change

Airdate: December 19, 2008

The teams are asked to raise AIDS awareness in The Bronx. Team Power chose Meghan as the boss and Ryan as the underboss. In Team Money, Larry was the boss and Derrick was the underboss. During the competition round, Team Money's "fact sheet" gets lost, which left Larry no choice but to get another fact sheet, from Team Power. He tried looking through Team Power's boxes, but Ryan and Musso tell him to leave, so Larry just takes some pamphlets that were on the ground. While Larry was trying to get information, Derrick tells the crowd the wrong information. Later on during the day, 50 said that everybody was up for elimination due to the fact that he wasn't impressed at the performance of any of the groups, and also because they had passed on wrong information. Also, he talked to each contestant about their business plans, and was disappointed on how poor their business plans are. Chopping block - Ryan and Cornbreadd are told that they aren't up for elimination. A few minutes later he reveals to Larry and Musso that they aren't up for elimination either, leaving Nikki, Meghan and Derrick up for elimination. After letting them have some suspense, he reveals that nobody will be eliminated due to the fact that they have done a good deed, trying to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

Episode 7: Expand and Protect Your Turf

  • Airdate: January 1, 2009

Both teams competed in selling vitamin water, and the winner was decided when a team raised over $50. Nikki and Megan were originally chosen to captain Team Money and Team Power, respectively, but 50 Cent switched up the teams before the challenge. At this time, he eliminated Musso due to Musso wanting to go home. Team Power won the challenge, and Team Money, the losers, were forced to wash the laundry from Camp Curtis. Team Power was given the privellige to visit 50's recording studio, where Cornbread recorded a track. At eliminations, 50 Cent chose Nikki.

  • Eliminated: Musso and Nikki

Episode 8: Move From Demand to Suppy

  • Airdate: January 8, 2009

50 switch up the teams a little bit, ending up with Derrick back in Team Power and Cornbread back in Team Money. Both teams have to come up with an idea for a fitness video, direct the video, edit the final product, and finally distribute the film. Although Team Money only consisted two members, Cornbreadd and Larry, they proved to be the harder working team in producing a better video. Later, 50 Cent's manager, Chris Lighty, interviews all the contestants with a final statement to 50 Cent that not one of them have a good enough business plan to invest in. Finally, Meghan and Derrick are put up on the chopping block, due to Meghan being the boss and Derrick not getting along with other members. At elimination, 50 chooses Derrick and tells everyone left they need to step their game up.

  • Eliminated: Derrick

Episode 9: Knowledge Reigns Supreme

[7] Airdate: January 15, 2009

In the most challenging episode of the season, the four remaining contestants are kidnapped, blindfolded, re-educated and shot with paintball guns. After the test, 50 quizzes them on their experiences at Camp Curtis. For each wrong answer, the cast must run laps around the camp. The last place runner will be put up for elimination. The fit Mehgan and Ryan have an advantage -- Larry and Cornbreadd are out of shape. But the loser isn't who you'd expect.

  • Eliminated:


Episode 10: Crush Your Competition

[8] Airdate: ???

In the season finale, three eliminated contestants return to help the final three players compete in a trash-talking contest. Afterwards, the loser gets eliminated. Then the final two get a special gift from 50 Cent during crucial 1-on-1 talks on the eve of their final presentations. Later, the finalists get new clothes and one gets a new look. And lastly, the final two present their business plans to 50 Cent, Chris Lighty, and Tony Yayo with 50 awarding the winner $100,000 of his own money.

  • Winner:



  • In the first four episodes, Team Power has won all four consecutive challenges and Larry was put on elimination in all four episodes.
  • This is the second show from MTV that shows 50's mansion in the fourth episode.
  • The current biggest winning streak is Derrick: 5 wins in a row.


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