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Compilation album by Various artists
Released 30 October 2006
Length 50:00

50minutes is a 2006 charity album, consisting of indie, folk, electronica, and alternative artists from across the world, with all proceeds going to the Medical Foundation. The concept of the album is 50 one-minute long tracks from 50 different artists. It is compiled together in such a way as to produce a continuously flowing piece of music of exactly 50 minutes length.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Performing Artist Length
1. "The Return" Trademark  
2. "A Step" After Christmas  
3. "Gimme a Minute" Grand Mal  
4. "Hard to Take" Sennen  
5. "My Ring" Amycanbe  
6. "The Boy Cried Love" Jeremy Warmsley  
7. "Sugar" Piney Gir  
8. "Please Don't Dump Me" The Bobby McGees  
9. "Constant" Dons Mobile Barbers  
10. "The Turning Point" Tom Hatred  
11. "The Monkey" The Playwrights  
12. "See Me Swinging from the Gallows Tree" Captain Black  
13. "Most Ungrateful Son" Simon Mastrantone  
14. "How to Live a Better Life as a Housewife" Akira  
15. "GMT" Chris McMath  
16. "Big Water" Emmy the Great  
17. "Abendrot" Ladyfuzz  
18. "Lazy Susans Good Health" El Alto  
19. "Diamond Pig" Attack + Defend  
20. "Does Not Compute" The Half Rabbits  
21. "Pissed on the Carpet" Will Sartain  
22. "Life and How Not to Live It" Mr G and Rich  
23. "Intermission (edit)" The Death Set  
24. "If I Had a Time Machine, That Would Be Fresh" MC Lars  
25. "This Time Around" Le Tournoi  
26. "Hate Monsters Love Shirts" Headland  
27. "Shoe People Unite, Shoe People Destroy" Foibles  
28. "Don't Wanna Go to Walthamstow" Jareth White  
29. "I Don't Mambo" Unit  
30. "Ashes" Roland Shanks  
31. "Man of the House" Action Plan  
32. "I Left My Heart" The Hot Puppies  
33. "Oh! Magic Sleeps That Gild These Judgement Lapses" Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies  
34. "Forrest Dreams" Pandatone  
35. "Your Prisons Are Home" The Coral Sea  
36. "Troubles" Franc  
37. "Wise Old Lady" Rachel Lipson  
38. "Tessellations" I Am Jack  
39. "Lasers in the Jungle" Hands on Heads  
40. "Kaputchawoonga" Plans & Apologies  
41. "Bridges" Laura Groves  
42. "2 by Two" The London Beach  
43. "Lovers Stone" Morvern Callar  
44. "Wake Eat Work Sleep" Transistor State  
45. "Plum Palm" A Million Billion  
46. "Top of the Pile" Mr Fogg  
47. "Why Risk Death When There's Only 4 Seconds Left" Dead! Dead! Dead!  
48. "When I Go" Wry  
49. "Death on Yr Birthday" Pacific Ocean Fire  
50. "You Made My High School" Daniel Johnston  

Bonus Audio[edit]

There is a bonus interactive CD ROM on the disc. This has a selection of streamable bonus songs. These include Exercise1's favorite songs that did not make the final compilation due to bands recording more than one song or submissions that were entered past the deadline. The track listing for these songs was:

No. Title Performing Artist Length
1. "Yoki" Plans & Apologies  
2. "Fathom" Cuentistas  
3. "Speech or Breathing" Mise en Abyme  
4. "Hiatus" Muchos Perros  
5. "The Fight" Richard Adderly  
6. "A Very Short Romance" Small Crew  
7. "The Grocery Store" Phil and the Osophers  

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