51st Combat Communications Squadron

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51st Combat Communications Squadron
Country United States
Branch USAF
Role Tactical communications
Size Squadron
Part of

24th AF

Air Force Space Command
Garrison/HQ Robins Air Force Base, Georgia
Nickname(s) 51st CBCS, Fifty-first
Motto(s) "Always first!", "First in, last out"
Mascot(s) Alligator

The 51st Combat Communications Squadron is located in Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. It is currently under the command of the 5th Combat Communications Group, whose mission is to train, deploy, and deliver communications, air traffic control, and landing systems for dominant combat operations.

"First in, last out" is the combat communications motto for good reason. Though Operation Iraqi Freedom officially began on March 19, 2003, the 51st Combat Communications Squadron had been in Iraq for months creating an intricate communications network from scratch[citation needed]. The network provided tactical communications, navigational aids and air traffic control services supporting some U.S. combat operations.