51st Street (Manhattan)

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51st Street
Equatorial Guinea Mission to UN 51 jeh.JPG
Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea, located on 51st Street west of 2nd Avenue
Maintained byNYCDOT
Length1.9 mi[1] (3.1 km)
LocationManhattan, New York City
Coordinates40°45′40″N 73°58′53″W / 40.7611°N 73.9814°W / 40.7611; -73.9814Coordinates: 40°45′40″N 73°58′53″W / 40.7611°N 73.9814°W / 40.7611; -73.9814
West end NY 9A (12th Avenue) in Hell's Kitchen
East endBeekman Place in Midtown East
North52nd Street
South50th Street
CommissionedMarch 1811

51st Street is a 1.9-mile (3.1 km) long one-way street traveling east to west across Midtown Manhattan.

Notable places, east to west[edit]

The route officially begins at Beekman Place which is on a hill overlooking FDR Drive. 51st continues for a few feet east of the intersection but the street sign refers to it as Peter Detmold Park (a reference to the dog park at the bottom of the hill) which has a pedestrian walk way over the FDR to the East River.

Beekman Place[edit]

First Avenue[edit]

Second Avenue[edit]

Sutton Place Synagogue (Jewish Center for the United Nations)
Greenacre Park
Venezuela consulate

Third Avenue[edit]

Lexington Avenue[edit]

Park Avenue[edit]

Madison Avenue[edit]

Fifth Avenue[edit]

Sixth Avenue[edit]

Sixth and a Half Avenue[edit]

Seventh Avenue[edit]


Eighth Avenue[edit]

  • St. Paul's House - Church founded by J.J.D. Hall that is noted for its "Sin Will Find You Out" neon sign in the shape of a cross that was featured on Saturday Night Live

Ninth Avenue[edit]

Eleventh Avenue[edit]

West Side Highway[edit]

The route concludes at the West Side Highway (New York Route 9A). Opposite the intersection is the New York Passenger Ship Terminal and the Hudson River


The 51st Street station is located on the intersection on 51st Street and Lexington Avenue and is served by the 4, ​6, and <6>



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