5254 Ulysses

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Discovery and designation
Discovered by E. W. Elst
Discovery site Haute-Provence Observatory
Discovery date November 7, 1986
MPC designation 5254
Named after
1986 VG1
Orbital characteristics
Epoch May 14, 2008
Aphelion 5.881
Perihelion 4.599
Eccentricity 0.1223
Inclination 24.189
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 82[1] km

5254 Ulysses (1986 VG1) is a Jupiter Trojan discovered on November 7, 1986 by E. W. Elst at Haute-Provence Observatory.

Photometric observations of this asteroid during 1994 were used to build a light curve showing a rotation period of 28.72 ± 0.08 hours with a brightness variation of 0.32 ± 0.01 magnitude.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

  • In Ace Combat Infinity, the asteroid is known as Ulysses 1986VG1 and it's portrayed as Jupiter's moon rather than a Trojan. Its collision with another, previously undiscovered asteroid named Polyphemus has resulted in a swarm of meteoroids that have caused a catastrophic impact event on the Earth.


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