52nd meridian east

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Line across the Earth
52nd meridian east
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The meridian 52° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Europe, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

The 52nd meridian east forms a great circle with the 128th meridian west.

From Pole to Pole[edit]

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 52nd meridian east passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
90°0′N 52°0′E / 90.000°N 52.000°E / 90.000; 52.000 (Arctic Ocean) Arctic Ocean
80°41′N 52°0′E / 80.683°N 52.000°E / 80.683; 52.000 (Barents Sea) Barents Sea Passing between Zemlya Georga and Hooker Island, Franz Josef Land,  Russia
72°6′N 52°0′E / 72.100°N 52.000°E / 72.100; 52.000 (Russia)  Russia Yuzhny Island, Novaya Zemlya
71°28′N 52°0′E / 71.467°N 52.000°E / 71.467; 52.000 (Barents Sea) Barents Sea
68°32′N 52°0′E / 68.533°N 52.000°E / 68.533; 52.000 (Russia)  Russia
51°40′N 52°0′E / 51.667°N 52.000°E / 51.667; 52.000 (Kazakhstan)  Kazakhstan
46°49′N 52°0′E / 46.817°N 52.000°E / 46.817; 52.000 (Caspian Sea) Caspian Sea
45°24′N 52°0′E / 45.400°N 52.000°E / 45.400; 52.000 (Kazakhstan)  Kazakhstan Mangyshlak Peninsula
42°51′N 52°0′E / 42.850°N 52.000°E / 42.850; 52.000 (Caspian Sea) Caspian Sea
36°35′N 52°0′E / 36.583°N 52.000°E / 36.583; 52.000 (Iran)  Iran
27°50′N 52°0′E / 27.833°N 52.000°E / 27.833; 52.000 (Persian Gulf) Persian Gulf
24°12′N 52°0′E / 24.200°N 52.000°E / 24.200; 52.000 (United Arab Emirates)  United Arab Emirates An island in the emirate of Abu Dhabi
24°10′N 52°0′E / 24.167°N 52.000°E / 24.167; 52.000 (Persian Gulf) Persian Gulf
23°59′N 52°0′E / 23.983°N 52.000°E / 23.983; 52.000 (United Arab Emirates)  United Arab Emirates Emirate of Abu Dhabi
23°37′N 52°0′E / 23.617°N 52.000°E / 23.617; 52.000 (Saudi Arabia)  Saudi Arabia The meridian touches on the westernmost point of  Oman at the border with  Yemen
19°0′N 52°0′E / 19.000°N 52.000°E / 19.000; 52.000 (Yemen)  Yemen
15°32′N 52°0′E / 15.533°N 52.000°E / 15.533; 52.000 (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean Passing just west of the island of Abd al Kuri,  Yemen
Passing between Île de la Possession and Île de l'Est,  French Southern and Antarctic Lands
60°0′S 52°0′E / 60.000°S 52.000°E / -60.000; 52.000 (Southern Ocean) Southern Ocean
66°0′S 52°0′E / 66.000°S 52.000°E / -66.000; 52.000 (Antarctica) Antarctica Australian Antarctic Territory, claimed by  Australia

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