53rd Street (Manhattan)

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Coordinates: 40°45′46″N 73°58′54″W / 40.76278°N 73.98167°W / 40.76278; -73.98167 (53rd Street (Manhattan))

View of 53rd from across the East River
West 53rd Street crosses 9th Avenue
St Thomas Church of Fifth Avenue

53rd Street is a midtown cross street in the New York City borough of Manhattan, that runs adjacent to buildings such as the Citigroup building. It is 1.83 miles (2.94 km) long. The street runs westbound from Sutton Place across most of the island's width, ending at DeWitt Clinton Park at Eleventh Avenue.

The Lexington Avenue – 53rd Street/ 51st Street station complex, one of the busiest in the New York City Subway system, is accessible from this street, and is served by 4, ​6, and <6> E and ​M trains. The Seventh Avenue station, serviced by the (B, ​D​, and E trains), is a similarly busy transfer station. The 53rd Street Tunnel carries the IND Queens Boulevard Line (E and ​M trains) of the New York City Subway under the East River between Manhattan and Queens.

Notable locations, east to west[edit]


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