54th Group Army

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54th Group Army
Country China
Garrison/HQ Xinxiang, Henan

The 54th Group Army is one of three People's Liberation Army group armies assigned to the Jinan Military Region.

In 1959, it participated in Tibet insurgency operations. It participated in the Sino-Indian War of 1962. In 1979, he participated in the Sino-Vietnamese War along the West battle line. At that time the 127th division commander was Zhang Wannian, later the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. The 127th division captured the town of Lang Son, defeated the Vietnamese army main force. In 1985, the 54th Army reorganized into one of the People's Liberation Army's three rapid response armies (the other two for the 38th Army and the 39th Army), which belongs to the strategic reserve forces. Troops from the army were deployed into Beijing in June 1989 and participated in the Beijing clearance tasks.


In 1985, the 127th Division transferred to the army. The 161st Division was reorganised as an artillery brigade. After 1998, the 127th Infantry Division converted to light mechanized infantry division, 160th infantry division adapted for the motorized brigade. Is the twentieth army armored eleventh and fifty-fourth army armored brigade reversed, anti-aircraft brigade was adapted for the air defense brigade. In 2009, the 162nd Infantry Division converted to mechanized wheeled infantry division, using 09 Series 8 * 8 wheeled vehicles.

The army comprises:

  • Light Mechanized Infantry 127th Division
  • Light Mechanized Infantry Division
       486 regiment (machine regiment, equipped with 08 type infantry fighting vehicles)
           ZTL09 105 mm wheeled assault vehicle, ZBL08 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle, ZLL11 122 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer 
  • 160th Mechanized infantry brigade 99G main battle tank, 04A type infantry fighting vehicle
  • 11th Armored Brigade
       96 tanks, 08 step tanks 
  • Artillery brigade
       Far fire camp, PHL03 300 mm long-range rockets
       Missile battalion, HJ9 self-anti-tank missiles 
  • Air defense brigade

Today it includes the 162nd Motorized Infantry Division, the 127th Lt Mech Infantry Division, the 11th Armoured Division (Xinyang, Henan), an artillery brigade, the 1st Air Defence Brigade, and the 1st Army Aviation Regiment.[1] The former 160th Infantry Brigade appears to have been deactivated in 2003.


  • Ding Sheng (1952.10-1955.12)
  • Ouyang Xiang (1955.12-1957.09)
  • Ding Sheng (1957.09-1964.09)
  • Wei system Thailand (1964.09-1969.06)
  • Han Huaizhi (1969.06-1980.05)
  • Li Jiulong (1980.05-1985.06)
  • Zhu Chao (1985.08-1990.06)
  • Liang Guanglie (1990.06-1993.12)
  • Zhang Xianglin (1993.12-1998.12)
  • Huang Han-standard (1998.12-2006.08)
  • Song elections (2006.08-2009.02)
  • Ronggui Qing (2009.02-2014.12)
  • Zhenglu Shi (2014.12-)


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