54th World Science Fiction Convention

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L.A.con III, the 54th World Science Fiction Convention
GenreScience fiction
Dates29 August–2 September 1996
VenueAnaheim Convention Center
Location(s)Anaheim, California
CountryUnited States
Filing status501(c)(3) non-profit

The 54th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), also known as L.A.con III, was held on 29 August–2 September 1996 at the Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim Marriott, and the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, United States.[1]

The convention was chaired by Mike Glyer.


Attendance was 6,703.

Guests of Honor[edit]


The World Science Fiction Society administers and presents the Hugo Awards,[2] the oldest and most noteworthy award for science fiction. Selection of the recipients is by vote of the Worldcon members. Categories include novels and short fiction, artwork, dramatic presentations, and various professional and fandom activities.[2][3]

Other awards may be presented at Worldcon at the discretion of the individual convention committee. This has often included the national SF awards of the host country, such as the Japanese Seiun Awards as part of Nippon 2007,[4] and the Prix Aurora Awards as part of Anticipation in 2009. The Astounding Award for Best New Writer and the Sidewise Award, though not sponsored by the Worldcon, are usually presented, as well as the Chesley Awards, the Prometheus Award, and others.[4][5]

1996 Hugo Awards[edit]

The 1996 Hugo Award base includes a reel of film and a moonscape as seen in the 1950 film Destination Moon, as an homage to both that film and the work of artist Chesley Bonestell.[6]

1946 Retro Hugo Awards[edit]

Other awards[edit]

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