561st Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)

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561st Infantry Division
561. Grenadierdivision
561st Volks-Grenadier Division Logo.svg
561. Volks-Grenadier Division Vehicle Insignia
Active July - October 1944
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Army
Type Grenadier
Size Division

The 561st Grenadier Division (German: 561. Grenadier-Division) in German was a Wehrmacht division active during World War II.


The 561st Grenadier Division was raised in July 1944 and placed under the leadership of Major General Walter Gorn on 21 July 1944. The division was sent to occupy the central sector of the Eastern Front, which was rapidly diminishing due to the successes of the Soviet's Red Army. In October 1944, the division was re-designated the 561st Volksgrenadier Division.

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561st Volksgrenadier Division[edit]




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