Upsilon2 Ceti

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Upsilon2 Ceti (U Ceti), is a star located in the constellation Cetus. Upsilon2 Ceti is also known as 56 Cet, and HD 11930.

Upsilon2 Ceti is an K4III Giant star with an effective temperature of 4200 Kelvin. It has an apparent visual magnitude of +4.85, and an absolute visual magnitude of -0.516. It is located 398 light years from the Sun, and has a mass of 1.2 solar masses. Not found in the original Bayer catalogue, it was added and given this designation by Bode in his Uranographia.

Upsilon2 is located at Right Ascension 01h 46m 40.26s and Declination -22 deg 31 arcmin 36 arcsec.