56th Golden Horse Awards

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56th Golden Horse Awards
2019 TGHFF.jpg
DateNovember 23, 2019
SiteSun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Preshow hostsPink Yang, Liu Kuan-ting
Organized byTaipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee
Best Feature FilmA Sun
Best DirectorChung Mong-hong
A Sun
Best ActorChen Yi-wen
A Sun
Best ActressYeo Yann Yann
Wet Season
Most awardsA Sun (6)
Most nominationsDetention (12)
TV in Taiwan

The 56th Golden Horse Awards (Chinese: 第56屆金馬獎) took place on November 23, 2019 at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Organized by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, the awards honored the best in Chinese-language films of 2018 and 2019.[1] The ceremony was televised by TTV.[2][3]

Winners and nominees[edit]

  • Your Face
    • The Tree Remembers
    • The Good Daughter
    • Bamboo Theatre
    • Last Year When the Train Passed By
Best Animation Feature
Best Live Action Short Film
  • 3 Generations 3 Days
    • Old Man and A Dog
    • Liu A, Sing A, and Bi Hong
    • Rebel Boy
    • Langit Budak Biru
Best Animated Short Film
  • Gold Fish
    • Hidden Zone
    • My Father at Grandma's Funeral
    • Adorable
    • The Lighthouse
Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction
Best Makeup & Costume Design
Best Action Choreography
Best Original Film Score
Best Original Film Song
Best Sound Effects
Audience Choice Award
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year
  • Tang Shiang-chu
Lifetime Achievement Award

In the news[edit]

Following a boycott by China's national film governing board National Radio and Television Administration due to political tensions between Taiwan and China,[4][5] films from Mainland China were completely absent from the list of nominees.[6] Hong Kong director Johnnie To, who was announced as the jury president for the 56th Golden Horse Awards in June 2019, resigned his position in late September after Hong Kong film studios were reportedly pressured to withdraw from the awards ceremony; To cited his reason as having "previously signed film production contractual obligations".[7][8] Following the announcement of the Chinese boycott, some production companies in Hong Kong also pulled films from consideration at the award ceremony.[9] Despite this, there were a number of Hong Kong titles in the awards running which include Suk Suk, My Prince Edward and documentary Bamboo Theatre.[10] Maserati announced on Sina Weibo in October 2019 that it had ended sponsorship of the Golden Horse Awards, stating in part, "Maserati always respects China's territorial integrity, history and culture, and firmly upholds the one-China principle."[11][12][13]


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